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September 9, 1989
The solution to most of Hughes' concerns over open enrollment-school choice proposals is one of LAUSD's success stories: magnet schools. Simply make all LAUSD schools magnet schools. Magnet schools are balanced racially by quota. Selection is by lottery within those quotas. LAUSD already uses a simple brochure and application which is circulated to all parents. No independent advertising should be necessary or allowed. DAVID M. CARD Pacific Palisades
December 1, 1985
Arnie Weissmann's marvelous article on Rwanda's gorillas (Oct. 27) very well conveyed the excitement of seeing the gorillas in their high mountain forest. Although Weissmann had difficulty in obtaining information in the United States about seeing the gorillas, most travel agents should now have KLR International's Africa brochure, which contains descriptions of that and other safaris. We are operating 18 departures of these tours during 1986 and 1987. RALPH HAMMELBACHER vice president KLR International New York
July 12, 1987
For $100,000, the government in Long Beach, in search of a creative purpose, hired a consultant firm from San Francisco to suggest ways of putting this old burg on the map. It was a wise choice. I might quibble with the spokesman for the group when he says that Long Beach's task "is not unlike the scale of Disneyland," but I could not agree more with his suggestion that the downtown area should have commercial mixed-use development: offices, hotels and civic, cultural, entertainment and recreational facilities.
June 26, 1988 | PETER S. GREENBERG, Greenberg is a Los Angeles free-lance writer
The brochure promises an "ocean view" hotel room. But an arriving guest needs a pair of high-powered binoculars to barely make out the sea a mile away. The literature for a package tour to the Soviet Union promises that the trip includes a spectacular evening and "tickets to the theater where the Bolshoi Ballet performs." But it is not to be.
March 22, 1987 | MORRIS D. ROSENBERG, Rosenberg is a Washington Post writer.
Even the most sophisticated travelers can become perplexed when faced with converting dollars to foreign currencies. Whether it's francs, drachmas, lire, pounds or pesos there are easier--and more accurate--ways to deal with exchange rates than juggling figures in your head. A currency converter, whether a simple chart or an electronic calculator, can save you time and maybe money. (Not every shopkeeper will refund an overpayment made because your arithmetic faltered.
February 5, 1989
The developer of Chatelaine, a community of 236 townhouses in Torrance, reported the sale of 42 units in its first two increments, without models, brochures or other merchandising tools. Yet, Watt Homes went ahead and furnished models, finished a brochure and invested in a sales office. Why? Robert A.
March 31, 2002
Regarding "Dust in Ducts Can Cause Serious Health Problems" (News in Brief, March 17): It is true that the EPA does not regulate air duct cleaning in a manner like asbestos and lead, but to say that the agency does not "address" duct cleaning is incorrect. A search of the EPA Web site for "air duct cleaning" pulls up 11 items. The EPA published an excellent brochure on the issue, and it is available online at The bottom line is that the EPA does not recommend air duct cleaning except in unusual situations.
August 13, 2000
Postponing your golf plans to late summer or the fall can be profitable at the Sunriver Resort near Bend, Ore. Its "Fall Resort Package" offers lodging and unlimited play at the Meadows and Woodlands courses starting at $79 per person per night, double occupancy, on weekdays and $99 on weekends. By comparison, brochure rates for rooms at the resort's Lodge Village are $179 per double through Sept. 15, and Woodlands greens fees start at $70.
January 23, 2005
Arthur FROMMER omitted an important point in "The Forecast for '05: Another Stormy Year" [On a Budget, Jan. 16]: The sinking dollar's cloud has a silver lining. It's an opportunity to consider some exciting trips right here in the United States. "America the Beautiful," after all, predates tourist brochure hype. A Los Angeles newspaper should remind its readers that they live in one of the world's most fascinating destinations. Many of us (including me) have been so preoccupied with exotic places that we have overlooked too many of the treasures in our own backyard.
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