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Budget Priorities

February 20, 2014 | By Michael A. Memoli and Kathleen Hennessey
WASHINGTON - Seeking to present a unified Democratic front in an election year, President Obama is backing away from a proposal to restrain spending on entitlement programs, focusing instead on economic priorities likely to please his party's base. Obama's next budget will not include a change that would have slowed cost-of-living increases for Social Security and other programs, the White House said Thursday. The proposal, which was included in last year's budget, was reviled by liberal Democrats but billed by Obama as a good-faith gesture intended to draw Republicans into deficit-reduction talks.
February 10, 1989
Here is the text of President Bush's speech to Congress Thursday night: Less than three weeks ago, I joined you on the West Front of this very building and, looking over the monuments to our proud past, offered you my hand in filling the next page of American history with a story of extended prosperity and continued peace. Tonight, I am back, to offer you my plans as well. The hand remains extended, the sleeves are rolled up, America is waiting, and now we must produce.
June 18, 2013 | By Howard Blume
Los Angeles school district officials on Tuesday are scheduled to approve a $6.8-billion operating budget for next year and set key and potentially conflicting budget priorities for the future. Also on the agenda for the Board of Education is a $30-million contract with Apple to provide iPads as part of a pilot program that L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy would like to expand districtwide. Approving the operating budget will be less painful than in recent years, when the process was marked by thousands of layoffs and temporary, across-the-board salary reductions.
June 9, 1990 | JANE HULSE
Graffiti, which can be the signature of gang members, is costing cities and other agencies in Ventura County a bundle to remove, and some officials say it's only getting worse. This year, the tab for graffiti removal in Ventura, Thousand Oaks and Oxnard is expected to run about $275,000. Smaller cities are straining to absorb the cost in their maintenance budgets. Public agencies also are getting socked with removal costs.
February 10, 1989 | MELISSA HEALY, Times Staff Writer
Seeking to end four years of defense budgets that lagged behind inflation, President Bush Thursday offered to freeze Pentagon spending for one year if Congress then would accept slow but steady growth in later years. The one-year freeze on defense spending would represent a concession by Bush, who generally shared former President Ronald Reagan's commitment to ever-higher Pentagon budgets.
February 10, 1989 | SARA FRITZ and WILLIAM J. EATON, Times Staff Writers
Pledges of bipartisanship began to crumble only minutes after President Bush's speech to Congress Thursday night when Democratic leaders flatly rejected cuts in Medicare payments or capital gains taxes and accused Bush of reviving "voodoo economics." Although House Speaker Jim Wright (D-Tex.
January 10, 1986 | GEORGE SKELTON, Times Sacramento Bureau Chief
Gov. George Deukmejian, in his fourth annual State of the State address, proposed Thursday that state government continue pumping significantly more money into public schools for increased classroom time, special education, safer buses and better teacher pensions.
February 18, 1985 | RICH CONNELL, Times Staff Writer
As work on the $6-billion 1985-86 Los Angeles County budget begins and officials pour out a stream of bleak forecasts, psychiatrist Howard Barton represents a tiny bright spot in an uncertain sea of numbers. One recent day, as he often does, Barton was shopping for new clients among the Skid Row street people who had sought refuge at the Weingart Center's storefront drop-in center. "Does anyone need mental health services?" he asked several times as he circled the room.
January 23, 1990
Balancing the city's budget will be La Palma's greatest concern as the county's smallest city begins 1990, according to city officials. After the November defeat of Measure Q, a proposed 4% utility tax that would have raised money for the city's depleted general funds, the council must begin considering which services can be cut to save money, Councilman Richard Polis said. "The budget is a major problem and very hard to deal with," Polis said.
February 10, 1989 | ROBERT SHOGAN, Times Political Writer
With his address Thursday night to a joint session of Congress, President Bush took his first steps into the fiscal mine field that could well define his presidency. His goal, dictated by the economic reality of the nation's straitened circumstances and the political reality of the Democrats' firm control of Congress, was modest but critical: to demonstrate leadership and initiative, while holding down costs and minimizing the risk of blame.
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