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Buford Furrow

May 4, 2001
Re "Parents Sue Over Shooting Rampage," May 1: While in no way do I wish to minimize the trauma Benjamin Kadish, his brother and the others experienced, there is a limit to the resultant litigious behavior. Suing the Jewish Community Center for lax security takes the focus away from the true horror of the experience--that Buford Furrow's actions were due to irrational hatred of Jews (and "other" people). Furrow, though certifiable, was acting on modern-day Nazi indoctrination. That in itself is far more frightening than the fact that the JCC didn't lock its doors, especially considering that as a community center it should provide access to everybody.
September 5, 1999
Re "SOAR Closes the Gate to Development," Ventura County Perspective, Aug. 29. Jon Haines' long-winded diatribe on the scourge of Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) is only believed by those who have their personal fortunes to be lost. See the San Fernando Valley. Smell the San Fernando Valley. See a prime example of urban sprawl. See traffic, crime, congestion. See lack of community. See loss of self. Now see Ventura County. See a county under SOAR. See a beautiful county, focused on quality of life, not quantity of tract houses.
April 27, 2000
Raids at the homes of 97 probationers in Los Angeles County netted 52 illegal weapons and drugs, Supervisor Mike Antonovich announced Wednesday. The raids were carried out last month by a newly formed multi-agency task force that monitors weapons possession by convicted felons. About eight pounds of cocaine and a pound of marijuana were seized. In all, 26 adults and juveniles were arrested as a result of the raids, he said.
May 1, 2001
The parents of a boy badly wounded by a white supremacist in the August 1999 shooting rampage at a Jewish community center are suing the nonprofit corporation that owns it for failing to protect the children in its care.
September 10, 2000
An Idaho jury's multimillion-dollar civil judgment against the Aryan Nations and its top leaders seems likely to force the liquidation of one of the nation's largest and most violent white supremacist organizations. That is the intent of the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center, whose lawyers brought suit against the Aryan Nations and its leader, Richard Girnt Butler, on behalf of a mother and son who were assaulted by three of the group's armed guards near its compound north of Coeur d'Alene.
May 12, 2009 | Carol J. Williams
Firearms manufacturers and sellers cannot be held liable for criminal misuse of their products, a federal appeals court panel ruled Monday in a case stemming from a white supremacist's 1999 shooting rampage at a Jewish community summer camp in Granada Hills. The suit brought by the mother of a man fatally shot by Buford O. Furrow Jr. and the families of five others wounded -- including three preschool children -- sought to hold Georgia-based Glock Inc.
September 10, 1999 | ANNETTE KONDO
The City Council has unanimously approved two motions calling for reports aimed directly at gun safety and illegal firearms. Councilman Mike Feuer introduced a measure calling for a study to look at the legality and feasibility of safety standards for all handguns sold in Los Angeles. Councilwoman Laura Chick's motion asked for a report to explore a comprehensive city program to round up illegal firearms.
Police arrested two teenage boys Sunday afternoon in connection with the ransacking of classrooms and painting of anti-Semitic graffiti at the West Valley Hebrew Academy in Woodland Hills. Los Angeles Police Sgt. Rolland Cannon said the boys lived nearby but did not attend the school. Police were called about 5 p.m. when a neighbor heard glass breaking at the school. Officers saw boys running from the 12-classroom private school, Cannon said.
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