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April 1, 2001
With all the tragedies that have been committed recently in our schools, one can only wonder why? Of all the crimes, how many could have been prevented if we would only listen? People need to start paying more attention to what others are saying and doing. Parents need to know what their child is doing. This could help stop a problem before it starts. JAYSON GIBSON Mission Viejo The school environment should be free of violence, and students like me should not feel threatened on campus.
October 24, 2008
Re "Teen who killed himself was bullied, students say," Oct. 22 As a teacher, I was dismayed and angered by the preventable death of 14-year-old Vasquez High School student Jeremiah Lasater. Who -- of the people who mourned -- ever reached out to this aching teen while he was alive? The tears and vigils at his school are the height of hypocrisy. Everyone who ignored Lasater pulled that trigger. Bullying comes with a terrible price, and it needs to be eradicated, period. Richard Mandl Los Angeles -- I was saddened to read that a 14-year-old special-needs student shot himself at school in an apparent reaction to bullying.
March 24, 2001
Re "5 Hurt in Gunfire at High School Near San Diego; Student is Held," March 23: So, in less than a month another high school shooting rampage has devastated yet another group of students and parents. And in less than a month yet another round of righteous finger-pointing and bleating defenses will begin: It's not guns. Society has had guns for centuries, but only now are kids blazing away at school. It's not violent entertainment. Video games, titillatingly violent music CDs and gory movies aren't that powerful.
October 14, 2013 | By Maria L. La Ganga
SEATTLE - Not long after Joe Bell's teenage son killed himself, the 48-year-old with two fake knees set out to walk from Oregon to New York City so he could spread the word about the child he loved, about the evils of bullying, about parents' responsibility. Bell figured it would take two years to complete his planned 5,000-mile trek, his memorial to son Jadin, with a message about loving gay children and holding bullies to higher standards. "If he could save one child's life," family friend Bud Hill said Monday in a telephone interview, "it would be worth it to him. " Bell may not have saved a life on his walk across America.
February 7, 2005
Re "A Suicidal Selection," Commentary, Feb. 4: I am supporting Howard Dean for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I am sick of the ignorant, corrupt, bullying, hypocritical liars who control the Republican Party and the country. I am sick of the GOP spin machines that distort every opposing view and portray even the idea of dissent as tantamount to treason. I am sick of the media, which are either in the pocket of the Republicans or so cowed by right-wing bullies that they dare not raise their voices to oppose the policies of the Bush administration.
May 1, 1988 | JOHN JOHNSON, Times Staff Writer
It's Friday night at the drive-in. As the pale-skinned hero of the season's hot new martial-arts flick snaps the bones of the Asian archvillain, the Winnetka 6 erupts in honking horns and flashing headlights. The movie that has the big-wheeled pickups beeping is "Bloodsport." Advertised as the true story of an American who defeated all comers 13 years ago in a no-holds-barred international tournament of warriors, the movie opened last month at 800 U.S.
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