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February 23, 1986
NBC's presentation of "Peter the Great" was the equivalent of being invited to a superb gourmet dinner and being served tasteless hash. This was a major show hashed into small pieces and buried in commercials and fillers. Eleanor B. Samuels, La Puente
April 28, 1991
Even in reruns, Lifetime's "E.N.G." was eminently more watchable and intriguing at 7 p.m. weeknights than its replacements "E.R." and "Duet." Why the "big boys" buried such a good program at midnight, I'll never know! Roxann Lord, Palm Springs
September 20, 1986
The only thing wrong with Leslie Stuart Carter's article on spitting in sports is that you buried it on the last page of the sports section. Why not repeat it? NAN WILLIAMS Santa Monica
January 23, 2010 | By Jeff Spurrier
They may be cast in steel, assembled out of driftwood, machined on industrial lathes or hand-carved out of salt, but ultimately all of these urns have two common purposes: to contain and to heal. Rather than be burned, buried or sequestered in a columbarium, the vessels are destined for a more visible final resting place -- a mantel, perhaps, or a family room bookshelf, maybe even a spot in the garden. The dead, you see, are coming home. Though the majority of Americans are still buried in a casket, more are choosing cremation.
January 22, 2007
Re "A vigil for the living," Column One, Jan. 16 I enjoyed this article about the unexpected company near the gravesite of staff writer Hector Becerra's sister. I encountered the same situation at my father's gravesite. When he was initially buried 10 years ago, it annoyed me to find people so close to his gravestone chatting among themselves. One day I arrived at the cemetery to find my father's gravestone polished, and I realized that it had been done by the mother of the child buried next to my father.
October 5, 1991
Now we learn that we buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive during the war (front page, Sept. 12). Is this something about which we can be proud? Or should we in the home of the brave feel something more akin to shame? The American people gained nothing from this terrible war. The Kuwaiti people, while liberated from Iraq, are not liberated from their own ruling family. The Iraqi people who survived now live in the most miserable of conditions. So who won? Certainly not those who were buried alive.
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