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Burt Prelutsky

April 1, 1989
If the gambling allegations against Pete Rose are true, I see no option but to suspend him. He knew the rules and he foolishly chose to break them. But, when folks start talking about banning him from the Hall of Fame, they're just being foolish. Membership in Cooperstown is all about numbers and accomplishment. It has nothing to do with character or citizenship. BURT PRELUTSKY Santa Monica
November 7, 1992
It would be a shame if Magic quit because of peer pressure. Considering that his lifestyle has been pretty much the norm in the NBA, and considering that AIDS testing is not mandatory in the league, what would make anybody think he is the only carrier? Amazing how all those 7-foot ostriches can manage to stick their heads in the parquet. BURT PRELUTSKY North Hills
December 7, 2002
BURT Prelutsky's article ("The rites and wrongs of crediting script rewriters," Nov. 30) should be required reading for everyone in the entertainment business. That there are people who would dilute or even deny credit to the original writer is beyond absurd. One last time, can we all say it together? The original writer is where it all begins. If he hadn't shown up with his script, everyone else would be painting houses. Tom Heyes Sherman Oaks
January 12, 1991
What is it with the baseball commissioner, anyway? He voices no objections to Gaylord Perry's election to the Hall of Fame, even though the guy has boasted of cheating on the baseball field, but is running a vendetta against Pete Rose, who got all his base hits fair and square. BURT PRELUTSKY Santa Monica
March 23, 1996
Let me get this straight. Mark Heisler, you're calling what Dennis Rodman did to Ted Bernhardt a light tap? You've obviously never bumped heads before. If you had, you would have realized that it takes no effort at all to inflict a lot of pain with a head butt. Here's an idea, Mark. Have someone in your office give you a head butt, but only once. With that feeble brain of yours, any more than once might cause you irreparable harm. TIM McLAUGHLIN Santa Ana It's not paranoia, Rodman, everybody does hate you. BURT PRELUTSKY North Hills
September 6, 1997
I love a cheap shot as well as the next guy, but I don't understand the constant jibes at Ross Porter. He's no Vin Scully, but nobody is. Porter conveys a love of the game and a fascination with its numbers. Attacking him for his interest in statistics makes about as much sense as attacking Billy Graham for constantly harping on theology. Clearly, anybody who thinks Porter is doing a lousy job has never tuned in an Angel game. BURT PRELUTSKY North Hills
December 21, 1996
The two most over-inflated accomplishments in professional sports: 1. A starting pitcher who gives up three runs in six innings (4.5 earned-run average) is said to have had a quality start. 2. A running back who gains 1,000 yards (62.5 yards a game) gets compared to Jim Brown and Walter Payton. When the season was only 12 games, 1,000 yards meant an average of 83.3 yards a game. To be comparable, a runner these days would have to gain 1,333 yards. BURT PRELUTSKY North Hills
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