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Business Closings

The court-appointed manager of a bankrupt Reseda nursing home that abruptly evicted its 63 residents Friday night had failed in last-minute negotiations to sell the facility and contends that there was not enough cash to run it even one more day, authorities said Saturday. Two other nursing homes owned by the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Phoenix Health Group, in Alta Loma and Long Beach, could face closures this week, depending on the outcome of a Monday morning hearing in U.S.
April 27, 2014 | By Jerry Hirsch and David Undercoffler
Toyota Motor Corp. plans to move large numbers of jobs from its sales and marketing headquarters in Torrance to suburban Dallas, according to a person familiar with the automaker's plans. The move, creating a new North American headquarters, would put management of Toyota's U.S. business close to where it builds most cars for this market. North American Chief Executive Jim Lentz is expected to brief employees Monday, said the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly. Toyota declined to detail its plans.
September 1, 2007 | E. Scott Reckard, Times Staff Writer
Ameriquest Mortgage Co., once the "Proud Sponsor of the American Dream," is closing. Citigroup Inc. said Friday that it would buy the remnants of the Ameriquest empire from ACC Capital Holdings in Orange, and ACC said it was "preparing for an orderly wind-down of its retail mortgage business." Ameriquest shuttered its 229 retail offices months ago. As recently as 2005, Ameriquest and its sister company, Argent Mortgage, were together the No. 1 sub-prime mortgage lender in the world.
January 7, 2014 | Emily Foxhall
On New Year's Eve, Beccy Rogers donned a black suit with a fur collar. She selected sparkling earrings and a necklace, and finished the look with a glitzy clip in her long hair, pulled back into a tight bun. She has welcomed the new year in the outfit for as long as she has worked at Newport Beach's iconic Ritz Restaurant & Garden. But after 30 years, this would be her last. The Ritz, which first put down roots near the Newport Pier in 1977 and then moved years later to the more upscale Newport Center, will shut its doors Feb. 15, the victim of changing tastes and a landlord who wants to move in "a different direction.
January 10, 2003 | Jeff Leeds
Squeezed by plummeting CD sales, retail giant Best Buy Co. has sacked the head of its troubled Musicland division and said it is closing about 110 mall-based music and movie stores. The shake-up follows the worst year in U.S. album sales in more than a decade. December sales at the Musicland division -- which operates such mall-based stores as Sam Goody and Suncoast -- declined 15% to about $350 million, the company said.
August 13, 1994 | ED BOND
Malibu Grand Prix, where kids rode miniature race cars and businessmen slapped pinball machines on their lunch hour for more than 20 years, closes for good Sunday after losing its lease. "I can't believe that!" said Andrew Caspary of Hidden Hills, after finishing his last go-cart ride. "It's terrible. I always look forward to coming here." Officials of Malibu Grand Prix Corp., which runs 30 amusement centers across the country, said this week the company lost its lease on the Northridge site.
April 14, 1994 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Bank customers cleared out safe deposit boxes, businesses shut their doors and residents fled their homes in Valley Park, Mo., as the Meramec River flowed into the streets for the third time in a year. All across eastern and central Missouri, the spring of 1994 was beginning to look a lot like the summer of 1993. Volunteers piled up sandbags, and evacuees camped out in churches and schools. Streams also were out of their banks from Oklahoma to West Virginia.
December 2, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
The head of a novel upstart business called Doctors for Rent has closed up shop because of his past legal troubles. William H. Ziering, one of the principals of Doctors for Rent, said he closed the business after the Monterey Herald newspaper inquired about his history of legal troubles, which includes a federal prison sentence for cheating on a drug study and a number of sexual harassment lawsuits. "I'm stopping that as of right now," Ziering said.
For 111 years, the stores were symbols of decorum and good taste, places guaranteed to make a lasting impression on generations of wide-eyed children who tiptoed around, careful not to scratch the mahogany or crack the crystal. Yet 6-year-old Sarah Meyers and her brother, Bobby, 9, will have another reason for remembering how the end came Thursday to the venerable Barker Bros. furniture chain.
They were standing three-deep at the bar at Mezzaluna, the now-infamous Brentwood eatery where Nicole Brown Simpson dined on the last night of her life and where Ron Goldman worked as a waiter. But this was neither lunch nor happy hour. This was a wake of sorts, a fire sale equipment auction at the once casually hip neighborhood restaurant that closed recently after seeing its business crippled by the media and star-gazing frenzy surrounding O.J. Simpson's criminal and civil trials.
August 14, 2013 | By Valerie J. Nelson
Hollywood had a hard time saying "no" to Gary Shusett. In the early 1970s, he co-founded Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, a professional school devoted to the craft of filmmaking, and kept it going for the rest of his life by brandishing a trait never in short supply in this town: tenacity. After a guest lecture by reclusive record producer Phil Spector proved popular, Shusett realized he could make a go of it by persuading the industry's big names to share their experiences and expertise with students.
June 23, 2013 | Martha Groves
A throbbing hip-hop beat spilled from the speakers, and ceiling lights splashed colorful mosaic dots across the darkened maple planks. Skaters -- four here, six there, maybe eight ahead of them -- grabbed one another's hands and formed circles. Like miniature planets orbiting a sun, the groups glided counterclockwise around the oval rink, occasionally caroming off other skaters. The regulars' ecstatic smiles masked a pervasive sadness. World on Wheels, the last full-fledged indoor roller skating rink in the city of Los Angeles, will hold its final lace-up Sunday night.
June 21, 2013 | Anh Do and Kate Mather and Joe Mozingo
Exodus International started in Anaheim 37 years ago as a small ministry to help those struggling to reconcile their homosexuality with the Bible's teachings. It grew into the leading practitioner of the controversial "gay cure" movement, with 260 ministries around North America. While Exodus claimed to have purged thousands of people of sexual urges that tormented them, its leaders recently began expressing doubts about the mission. Last year, its president, Alan Chambers, renounced the idea that homosexuality could be "cured.
October 12, 2012 | By Nita Lelyveld, Los Angeles Times
Say what you will. Say stay off the sidewalk. Ora Alcox is going to see the space shuttle. On Friday, the now-earthbound Endeavour will be wheeled by very slowly, a block from Alcox's Inglewood home. She will witness it, she says; try to stop her: "They'll have to drag me, screaming and crying. I'm 70 years old. I have MS and I plan to see this. " At the drive-through window at Randy's Donuts, Alcox was picking up her usual apple fritter. And like a lot of those there for their morning fixes Thursday, she was peeved.
September 25, 2012
DAMASCUS, Syria - Hours after two car bombs exploded recently in Syria's capital, the few residents still willing to venture out on what would normally be a lively Friday night were gathered at the Sham City Center mall, inside thick walls with entrances guarded by metal detectors. In the food court, families and young couples lingered over ice cream cones and greasy American-style fast food. Most shops were empty save for their sales staff. Outside, almost a minute passed before a vehicle did. Cabs were few and far between.
September 21, 2012 | Betty Hallock
Campanile, the seminal Los Angeles restaurant founded in 1989 by Mark Peel and his then-wife Nancy Silverton, is closing. Prolific restaurateur Bill Chait and critically acclaimed chef Walter Manzke sealed a deal late Wednesday night to take over the space with plans to install Manzke's envisioned bistro and bakery, Republique, in its place. The storied restaurant, with its distinctly American approach using top-quality farmers' market ingredients, helped set the tone for Los Angeles dining in the 1990s.
Builders Emporium, which started as a modest hardware store in the San Fernando Valley and grew to become the largest home improvement chain in Southern California, said Tuesday that it will close all of its 82 California retail outlets and lay off nearly all of its 3,800 Southland workers by the end of October.
Laventhol & Horwath fired most of its 3,400 employees and confirmed Tuesday that it will file for bankruptcy court protection and dissolve the nation's seventh-largest accounting firm. Now begins a legal headache that is sure to last for years, as courts determine the depth of the firm's problems, for which all its partners and even some retired partners potentially are liable.
April 20, 2010 | Andrea Chang
The original Pinkberry location in West Hollywood, also known as the yogurt shop that spawned 1,000 parking tickets, has closed permanently after five years. Pinkberry spokeswoman Mary Sadeghy said the lack of parking contributed to the decision Sunday to close the store at 868 Huntley Drive. She added that it would remain as an administrative building for Los Angeles-based Pinkberry, which now operates 83 frozen yogurt shops worldwide. "We just decided that we had enough other locations within that vicinity to service that market," Sadeghy said.
March 20, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
The first passenger-vehicle ferry between major Hawaiian islands says it will lay off more than 200 employees after suspending its service. The Hawaii Superferry is ceasing operations because the state Supreme Court rejected a state law allowing the company to operate while an environmental study was conducted. The Superferry, a car and passenger service that linked Oahu and Maui, has been under fire from critics who argued the use of its 350-foot ship could harm whales and damage the area's fragile ecology.
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