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Business Licenses

November 19, 1997
For most business owners, licenses, permits, taxes and insurance are the four evils of doing business. They are boring, tedious and confusing to deal with, and most small businesses hate them, says Debra Esparza, director of the USC Business Expansion Network. "It puts you back inside the box, and most entrepreneurs want to work outside the box," she said.
December 13, 1985 | TED VOLLMER, Times Staff Writer
In an effort to halt what Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Ira Reiner branded as "open-air drug swap meets," the county Board of Supervisors on Thursday voted to establish curbs on criminal activities at liquor stores.
April 22, 2010 | By John Hoeffel, Los Angeles Times
A group of Los Angeles medical marijuana collectives that will be required to shut down under the city's new ordinance has sued to prevent the law from being enforced, alleging that it "arbitrarily and capriciously" makes their operations illegal. In two lawsuits filed late Tuesday, 21 collectives challenged the City Council's decision to allow only those dispensaries that registered with the city in 2007 to stay open. The dispensaries that filed the suits have valid city business licenses but did not register by the deadline or opened afterward.
June 26, 1996 | DEBRA CANO
A new citywide sewer maintenance sewer fee and a hike in the business license fee will be the subject of a public hearing in September. City Council members set the hearing this week as they sought ways to raise money to offset a $4-million budget shortfall. But the levies might not have the support of the council itself.
April 20, 1994 | ED BOND
When a four-month moratorium on health clubs lifts in Burbank next week, officials expect as many as a dozen wanna-be clubs to make an application for business licenses. "There have been a lot of inquiries," said Terre Hirsch, the license and code supervisor for Burbank. The Burbank City Council imposed a moratorium on new fitness clubs in December after residents accused clubs of closing down without providing services or refunds.
March 28, 1994 | DANIELLE A. FOUQUETTE
Southern California Edison Corp. is disputing the city's claim that the company owes three years of unpaid business license taxes, plus penalties. City officials billed the utility $58,000 for back taxes plus penalties after an outside audit of the city's financial records revealed Edison had not been paying the license fee since 1949, when it was awarded a franchise. Under the law, however, the city can attempt to collect the money for just the past three years.
The California Department of Consumer Affairs said Thursday that it has revoked the license of an Orange County television repair shop owner guilty of consumer fraud. Margaret Brown, who operated the TV Shop repair businesses in Garden Grove, Brea and Irvine, lost her license to operate them after investigators with the state Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair in Los Angeles determined that there was "a pattern of abuse" in the company's repair practices.
March 5, 2014 | By Christine Mai-Duc
Long Beach approved strict rules on the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces late Tuesday, tougher regulations than were adopted hours earlier by the Los Angeles City Council. The restrictions, adopted on a 9-0 vote, mean Los Angeles County's two largest cities will treat e-cigarettes in much the same way as regular cigarettes, banning their use in restaurants, bars, workplaces, city parks and beaches. In Long Beach, e-cigarettes will now be classified as tobacco products, banning their sale to minors under the age of 18 and subjecting vendors to inspections and potential sting operations by the city's health department.
April 3, 1986
After a three-month reprieve precipitated by complaints from doctors, city officials once again will require out-of-town physicians who perform medical services at South Bay Hospital to buy business licenses. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to reinstate the controversial practice, which was suspended in late December after several doctors complained about the charge and some council members raised legal concerns about it.
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