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Butterfield Butterfield

February 5, 1989 | KEVIN ALLMAN
Anew photo mural designed by artist Jeff Weiss and depicting the chronology of Santa Monica's growth, as seen from the air, has been unveiled by the SMARTS Festival and is on permanent exhibit in the lobby of Santa Monica's Main Library. Composed of photographs from government archives and text describing Santa Monica's original inhabitants, the Gabrielino Indians, the mural also includes pictures of aluminum figures of Muscle Beach acrobats, derived from photos in the library's collection.
November 13, 1999 | From Associated Press
Silver pieces believed to have been owned by Adolf Hitler--including lobster forks, ice cream spoons and a cigarette box--are being auctioned on the Internet by a Georgia family. One Jewish group is hoping no one buys them. Jay Kaiman, southeast director for the Anti-Defamation League, said his Atlanta office has received calls from people upset over the auction.
October 8, 1993
The oldest and largest wardrobe supplier to the American cinema, Western Costume Co. in Hollywood, is parting with some of its stock Sunday at an open-to-the-public auction. Private collectors, archivists, film fans and the curious will be there to preview the 365 wardrobe items that will be sold as part of Butterfield & Butterfield's "Star Collection" auction. All items were created by Western Costume, which has been dressing Hollywood since Cecil B.
The world's largest individually owned collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia goes on display here Wednesday, a preliminary step in the international process of auctioning more than 600 items the music legend once owned or inspired.
With lively young kids around, most mothers would never dream of having white furniture. But 31-year-old Rachel Ashwell, who moved here from London in 1979, has kept her sofa, ottoman and two chairs covered in damask, muslin and denim--all white, ivory and cream. "The more you wash them, the better they look," says the mother of two toddlers. A year and a half ago, Ashwell opened a shop offering the kind of homey, lived-in furnishings she uses in her own house. Business doubled in three months.
September 21, 1999 | Joseph Menn
Internet auction site EBay Inc. has moved to ban three more types of transactions, only the third time it has acted to bar entire categories. The San Jose-based company said individuals and firms that are not copyright holders won't be allowed to sell backup disks that frequently come with the purchase of software, or digitized music files that could be burned onto blank compact discs by the buyer. It also banned the resale of movie reels.
January 8, 1998
* Film. "Forgotten Silver" at the Nuart Jan. 16-22, is a hilarious "mockumentary" about New Zealand's purported equivalent to D.W. Griffith. 11272 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, (310) 478-6379. * Photography. Forty galleries and private dealers from throughout the U.S. will exhibit for sale more than 3,000 photographs by Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Atget, Baldus, Cartier-Bresson, Imogan Cunningham, Edward Curtis, Weegee, Robert Mapplethorpe and many others Jan. 15-18 at Photo L.A.
February 2, 1999 | Jonathan Gaw
Items from the O.J. Simpson estate will be auctioned off over the Internet and in a Los Angeles gallery this month, with the proceeds going to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Yahoo Inc. will use technology from Seattle-based to allow Web surfers to bid on items for sale at Butterfield & Butterfield on Feb. 16. Among the items in the 78 lots is Simpson's 1968 Heisman Trophy, which is expected to fetch more than six figures.
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