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Cajon High School

Tanya Joan Hadden says it all went bad, really, at Buffalo Bill's on the California-Nevada border. It was outside the sprawling resort and casino that the San Bernardino high school teacher recalled turning to her 15-year-old pupil--some say, her lover--and asking: "Do we turn around? What do we do here?" The boy insisted that they go on, Hadden said. And so they did.
October 1, 1987 | CHRIS ELLO
"We expect the football team to lose." --Kim Baker, El Cajon Valley High School head varsity cheerleader, in 1985. Jimmy Dutra has been hearing it for four years. Whether he's walking down the hall to a class, sitting in the cafeteria, or chatting with friends out by the gymnasium, he has heard it. Other students will be making fun of the football team. Dutra is on the football team. It always hurts when he hears it. This summer, Dutra had a chance to get away from it.
April 5, 1988 | CURT HOLBREICH, Times Staff Writer
Mark Malone, the Pittsburgh Steelers' starting quarterback last season, might be on his way home to play for the Chargers. Malone, who played for El Cajon Valley High School in the 1970s, was expected to arrive Monday night on a flight from Pittsburgh in what might be the forerunner of a trade to the Chargers. Officials for both teams who did not want to be identified said Malone was coming to San Diego to work out for the Chargers and undergo a physical examination.
September 15, 1988 | JOSEPH MENN, Times Staff Writer
An El Cajon police detective was automatically placed on paid leave Wednesday, pending an investigation into his shooting of a 21-year-old Mexican national. Bill Bradberry, a 6 1/2-year police veteran, shot the man, identified as Jose Martinez Vera, in the chest Tuesday after Martinez ran from the scene of a drug sweep in Wells Park, said Lt. Bob Lein.
November 15, 1992
Carlsbad got four goals apiece from Mike Armour and sophomore Chris Piersoll and scored an 11-10 victory over San Pasqual in the first round of the San Diego Section 2-A water polo playoffs at El Cajon Valley High School. The victory by Carlsbad (16-9) sets up a quarterfinal contest against top-seeded Bishop's at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at El Cajon Valley. Shane Frank and Patrick Berhman scored four goals apiece for San Pasqual (17-10).
March 23, 1988 | Dave Distel
World-class distance runners are perceived by the world's couch potatoes to be an obsessed bunch, who run for hours and miles at a time and survive on a diet of powdered liquids and naked spaghetti. One man's torture was another man's training. Terry Cotton would seem to be a rather balanced individual, settling rather nicely in the middle.
October 22, 1987 | JEFFREY PARENTI
Geographically, Bishop's School and La Jolla High School are one-half mile apart. That alone is usually sufficient to stimulate a healthy rivalry in high school sports. When the sport is girls' tennis, the rivalry goes beyond geography. It would not, in fact, make much difference if one of these schools were in San Ysidro and the other were in Fallbrook. Shared excellence also stimulates these rivals. La Jolla, for example, has won San Diego Section championships in nine of the last 10 years.
June 19, 1988 | Leslie Wolf, Times staff writer
Ed Bia, Southwestern College financial counselor, listens quietly to the concerns of an anxious student. He speaks, softly, with a voice smooth and low, dispensing advice and reassurance. At 5 p.m., his work done, the counselor heads for his Bonita home. Less than an hour later, in a Hawaiian print shirt and baseball cap, Bia leans forward in his glass booth, grabs the microphone and screams, "Goooood Morning, Vietnam!"
November 20, 1988 | BETTINA BOXALL and ROXANA KOPETMAN, Times Staff Writers
While teachers at Millikan High School praised the start of a tough new tardiness policy last week, students and some parents continued to criticize the program as inflexible and unproductive. Students who are even a few seconds late for class at the east Long Beach school are sent to a special detention hall for an hour. Once there, they are supposed to sit erect with their eyes forward, forbidden from talking, reading or studying.
March 22, 1985 | LENORE LOOK, Times Staff Writer
Seniors at El Cajon Valley High School may rent a bowling alley--at most--to celebrate their graduation. Those at Point Loma High School may be going to Disneyland. But the real pomp and circumstance will be at La Jolla High School this year, where a committee of parents is planning the biggest post-commencement celebration in the school district's history, according to San Diego Unified Schools Supt. Thomas W. Payzant.
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