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California Congressional Delegation

January 22, 2004 | Gregg Jones, Times Staff Writer
California needs to emphasize the favorable locations and other advantages of the state's military bases as it seeks to stave off another round of Pentagon cuts next year, local officials and community leaders told state lawmakers Wednesday.
September 13, 1996
Lawmakers haggling over transportation funding on Capitol Hill have removed the money that had been earmarked for the Alameda Corridor route between the San Pedro harbor complex and downtown Los Angeles' rail hub, but city officials and supporters in Washington insisted Thursday the project was not in jeopardy. Sen. Robert D. Byrd (D-W.Va.
September 7, 1994 | KAY HWANGBO
A bill that would give earthquake victims a big tax break has passed the state Legislature and now goes to the governor. The bill, SB 561, would allow victims of the Jan. 17 temblor to deduct all uninsured losses exceeding $100 on their state income taxes. Supporters say the bill would provide tax relief to thousands of Southern Californians who are struggling to repair or rebuild homes damaged by last January's disaster. State Sen.
July 24, 1992 | PATRICK McCARTNEY
The House of Representatives approved a one-year extension Thursday to a moratorium on offshore oil leasing, including tracts in waters off Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The extension, approved as part of a spending package for the federal Interior Department, bars the department from planning or executing oil leases in coastal waters until at least Oct. 1, 1993.
Labor unions representing workers at McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics said Monday that they have formed a committee to block McDonnell's proposed sale of a 40% stake in its commercial aircraft business to a Taiwanese group for $2 billion.
December 30, 1988
Attempting to save about 1,000 jobs at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, the county Board of Supervisors is urging the Navy to assign the cruiser Halsey to the shipyard for overhaul in 1989. The supervisors voted also to request support from Gov. George Deukmejian and California's congressional delegation in the lobbying effort.
March 24, 1989
The number of Soviet emigres stranded in Italy and unable to obtain refugee visas to enter the United States increased dramatically in the first two weeks of March, Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky said Thursday, after returning from a one-day trip to Rome. Yaroslavsky said that up to 40% of those who apply to enter the United States are rejected because they cannot prove a well-founded fear of persecution in the Soviet Union.
August 6, 1985 | Robert Hanley \f7
The City Council will vote Wednesday on whether San Clemente will join Laguna Beach and other Orange County coastal cities in protesting a plan by the U.S. Interior Department to open portions of the coast off Newport Beach and Laguna Beach to possible oil exploration.
October 21, 1987
A campaign to oust INS Western Region Commissioner Harold Ezell gained added momentum Tuesday night with an endorsement of the effort by Los Angeles' main coalition of immigrants' rights groups.
August 19, 1991
I think the sentiment expressed in Joel Kotkin's essay is wishful thinking at best. At worst, it expresses the peculiar notion that a multibillion-dollar industry such as aerospace can be replaced as easily as a toothbrush. Four years ago, I came to Los Angeles after being driven from New York's declining aerospace market. Taxes were (and still are) out of control, the cost of living skyrocketed and a thoroughly corrupt liberal political machine refused to support aerospace. I thought the westward move was a good idea since I could count half a dozen thriving aerospace companies in Southern California.
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