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California Energy Commission

January 20, 2007 | Janet Wilson and Elizabeth Douglass, Times Staff Writers
California's utilities are falling behind schedule in meeting a deadline that 20% of their electricity must come from renewable resources by 2010, newly issued reports from two energy agencies show. In separate updates, state energy regulators paint markedly different pictures of how California is progressing in efforts to procure power from sun, wind, water and waste. But both indicate that a crucial piece of the state's ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gases is sputtering.
May 11, 2012 | By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times
Despite strong opposition from environmentalists, the state Assembly on Thursday approved controversial legislation that allows a solar energy developer to bypass local agencies in seeking to build a large-scale power plant in a valley that is home to desert tortoises, golden eagles and bighorn sheep. The nation's leading environmental groups see K Road Power's proposed 663-megawatt Calico Solar plant as one of the most ecologically damaging renewable energy projects in the California desert.
January 27, 2006 | Marc Lifsher, Times Staff Writer
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday reappointed Joseph Desmond, his top power advisor, as chairman of the California Energy Commission, ignoring warnings from Democratic lawmakers that the free-market advocate would not be confirmed by the state Senate. Business lobbyists hailed the move as a nod to an energy policy that could help the state avoid blackouts and ensure that its economy is underpinned by reliable, moderately priced electricity.
September 11, 1995 | JAMES BATES
The selling of the late president continues. . . . From the Fall 1995 President Gift Catalogue issued by the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda comes the New Presidential Wrist Watch. The $57.50 watch, which bears the presidential seal, is advertised as being available "Just in time for the '96 campaign." Presidential caps are selling for $22 each, available in three styles--White House, Camp David and Air Force One.
June 11, 2005 | Marc Lifsher, Times Staff Writer
Southern California Edison Co. sued state energy regulators Friday, escalating a dispute over public disclosure of the utility's forecasts for electricity demand. In a complaint filed in Sacramento County Superior Court against the California Energy Commission, Edison in essence argues that an informational blackout is preferable to risking inappropriate use of its figures in a market still recuperating from the energy crisis of 2000 and 2001.
California Energy Commission Chairman Charles R. Imbrecht resigned this week just a day before being charged by Ventura County prosecutors with drunk driving and marijuana possession. Imbrecht, who represented Ventura County as a state assemblyman from 1976 to 1982, resigned Tuesday after almost 14 years as Energy Commission chairman and following discussions with the staff of Gov. Pete Wilson, officials in Sacramento said. "The governor's office came to a mutual agreement with Mr.
October 5, 2005 | Marc Lifsher, Times Staff Writer
As natural gas futures prices hit new heights Tuesday, a top California energy regulator preached conservation as the only salvation against record winter bills. "Right now prices are much higher than ever seen before and will continue to be high through this winter and into next spring," Joseph Desmond, chairman of the California Energy Commission, said in a briefing.
April 1, 2013 | By Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times
SACRAMENTO - California businesses and other special interests quickly learn that playing politics in the ornate chambers of California's Capitol building is more like a barroom brawl than a civics lesson about how bills become laws. Here's a peek behind the everyday chaos in Sacramento as businesses dispatch hired-gun lobbyists to vie for lawmakers' attention and votes. The numbers are daunting: This year, 1,526 registered lobbyists are stalking the halls and hearing rooms in the service of 2,410 clients.
January 24, 2012 | By Ronald D. White
Which California city currently has more solar power installations within its boundaries and generates more solar energy than any other? Here's a hint: it's not Los Angeles. San Diego is the California leader when it comes to solar power, according to a new statewide analysis that will be unveiled there Tuesday morning by the Environment California Research and Policy Center. In 2011, San Diego had 4,507 solar power installations, generating almost 36.7  megawatts of power from the sun. To put that in perspective, Environment California said that would be enough to rank San Diego among the top 25 nations in the world.
June 23, 2005 | Marc Lifsher, Times Staff Writer
Parts of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambitious plan to create a Cabinet-level energy agency headed by a statewide energy czar are unconstitutional, the Legislature's legal counsel said in an opinion made public on the eve of a key hearing on the governor's proposal.
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