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California State Board Of Equalization

August 24, 1990
Each month, city and county governments and other governmental organizations receive payments from the state in anticipation of actual sales tax revenues. In the fourth month, they receive a cleanup payment--the difference between actual revenues and the amounts previously received--plus the first advance payment for the next quarter. The amounts listed here are the second advance payments for the second quarter.
June 22, 1989 | Clipboard researched by Susan Davis Greene and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times
In the third quarter of 1988, July through September , county residents spent almost $61.4 million in sporting goods stores. By way of comparison, that's more than twice what was spent for men's clothes ($25 million) but less than half as much as went for home furnishings ($144 million). Compared to our neighbors, Orange County ranked second in spending. Los Angeles County residents spent more than twice as much; those in Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino, less. QUARTERLY SPORTING GOODS SPENDING 1987, 1st Quarter: $40,405 1987, 2nd Quarter: $50,214 1987, 3rd Quarter: $54,022 1987, 4th Quarter: $67,987 1988, 1st Quarter: $43,128 1988, 2nd Quarter: $56,201 1988, 3rd Quarter: $61,368 ANNUAL SPORTING GOODS SPENDING 1987: $212,628 SPORTING GOODS SPENDING Amount Percentage of City Spent Cities Total Huntington Beach $7,933 14 Santa Ana 6,937 12 Anaheim 6,380 12 Orange 5,722 10 Costa Mesa 5,270 10 Newport Beach 4,145 7 Fullerton 2,987 5 Mission Viejo 2,499 5 Westminster 2,052 4 Yorba Linda 1,749 3 Buena Park 1,734 3 Tustin 1,586 3 Laguna Beach 1,430 3 Irvine 1,047 2 Los Alamitos 874 2 Brea 765 1 La Habra 726 1 Seal Beach 684 1 Placentia 327 1 Garden Grove 263 1 San Clemente 249 . Fountain Valley 189 . Cypress 123 . ALL CITIES . 55,671 100 5-COUNTY COMPARISON Amount Percentage of County Spent Counties Total Los Angeles 129,658 50 Orange 61,368 24 San Diego 46,273 18 San Bernardino 11,552 4...
March 9, 2010 | By Jack Dolan
California legislators voted Monday to exempt about 35% of state employees from having to take three days off each month without pay, an order imposed on government workers last year to help close the budget deficit. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), whose district is heavily populated with state employees, proposed the exceptions, which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to veto. "The governor cannot support any measure that would limit the state's ability to respond to a fiscal crisis," Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said.
April 13, 1999 | JOHN O'DELL
With unemployment hovering at its lowest point since Orange County emerged from the ocean back in primordial times, it is no wonder that area merchants keep raking it in. People with jobs have money to spend, and spend it they do. Taxable retail spending in the county during the first three months of 1998 (the most recent data the state has released) rose 7.3% to an all-time record of $8.48 billion. That compares with a 5.
December 1, 1990
Garden and farm supply stores did $25 million in business during 1990's first quarter, making Orange County the second largest county market in the state for such transactions. Los Angeles County, the largest market, recorded about twice as much in sales, a 2% increase from the same period in 1989. Orange County's total increased 6%. Although Orange County and it's four neighbors are heavily urbanized, they represent five of the top 10 garden/farm supply markets in the state.
April 14, 1988 | Clipboard researched by Rick Vanderknyff, Susan Greene, and Henry Rivero / Los Angeles Times
The assessed value of a property is used by local governments to determine the property's tax rate. The value is determined either at the state level by the Board of Equalization or locally by the county assessor. Properties assessed by the state are primarily the public utilities, telephone companies and railroads. Those values are then turned over to the county, which applies the taxes to the property.
November 3, 1989 | Clipboard researched by Susan Davis Greene / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Scott Brown / Los Angeles Times
Locally assessed property values had their largest percentage increase in Mission Viejo this fiscal year, according to the California State Board of Equalization. Between the last fiscal year and the present one, which began July 1, locally assessed values increased nearly 24% in Mission Viejo. The smallest percentage increase, 8.1%, was in Newport Beach--much closer to the 13.3% countywide jump.
October 25, 2010 | David Lazarus
Garden Grove resident Ken Licht is in the market for a new cellphone. But he can't get a good explanation of why he'll have to pay sales tax on the full price of a handset ? even though most phones are heavily discounted by wireless companies or given away free. It's a question I get asked a lot. And with nearly 300 million cellphones now in use in the United States ? meaning that 93% of the population is sporting a mobile device, according to the wireless industry ? it's probably not a bad idea to explain what's going on. First of all, Licht made the same observation that probably all cellphone customers have made at one time or another.
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