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A 17-year-old member of a Cambodian street gang called the Tiny Rascal Gangsters has pleaded guilty in the 1995 murders of five members of a Vietnamese family in San Bernardino. Vinh "Scrappy" Tran, one of five gang members charged in the slayings, pleaded guilty Tuesday to five counts of murder in exchange for a sentence of up to 50 years to life in state prison. If convicted, Tran could have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Tran and the others are charged with the Aug.
May 21, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
About 2,000 Cambodians marked the annual "Day of Anger" to remember Khmer Rouge victims, reenacting torture and distributing new textbooks about an era still largely ignored by schools and quickly fading from memory. A small number of the radical communist regime's leaders are on trial for war crimes, but popular interest in the reign is limited, especially among the millions of Cambodians born after the fall of the Khmer Rouge and others scrambling to make a living in one of Asia's poorest countries.
May 17, 1985
I, too, have noticed the disparity of interest between the injustice in South Africa and the horrible atrocities in Afghanistan. What Conine failed to mention is that what is going on in South Africa is an internal affair that is really none of our business, while what is going on in Afghanistan is the systematic murder and maiming of men, women and children by Russia in another country for the sole purpose of acquiring more territory. Of course, apartheid is not to be commended, but why aren't these people who are so sensitive to its injustice, also demonstrating against Russia?
January 2, 1985 | Associated Press
Vietnamese gunners poured artillery and tank fire on Cambodian guerrillas Tuesday, a day after Thai and Vietnamese troops clashed. A Thai army officer predicted that heavy fighting between the rebels and the Vietnamese occupation forces will persist for months. It was the eighth day of combat in and around resistance camps inside Cambodia.
February 12, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Cambodia said it would ask individual nations to help try Khmer Rouge leaders for genocide and crimes against humanity if the United Nations refused to rejoin the process, but diplomats said it was too early to rule out U.N. involvement. Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he would welcome new talks with the U.N. on setting up a special court and that there was time for it to reverse its decision last week to withdraw from negotiations. The U.
April 20, 1987 | Associated Press
Cambodia will allow its people to receive money and checks sent from friends and relatives living outside the country, the official Cambodian news agency SPK said Sunday. The report said the Cambodian Bank of Foreign Trade has just published a communique authorizing such transfers, which evidently must be made through the bank. It named 16 commercial banks in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Britain, France, Sweden, Switzerland and West Germany through which bank transfers must be sent.
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