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Candice Bergen

March 12, 1989
Just a note to express my feelings about "Murphy Brown." I love this refreshing series in which Candice Bergen is great. Please keep it on the air. Ann Proft, Northridge
November 14, 1988 | DIANE HAITHMAN, Times Staff Writer
When Candice Bergen read the pilot script for "Murphy Brown," she decided she was finally ready to do a television series. Television, however, was not quite ready for her . The 42-year-old film star had never entertained the idea of doing a situation comedy until her agent coaxed her to read the "Murphy Brown" script, the story of a famous Washington TV personality, which debuts tonight at 9 on CBS.
November 14, 1988 | HOWARD ROSENBERG, Times Television Critic
The new CBS comedy series "Murphy Brown" doesn't exactly sizzle in its debut at 9 tonight on Channels 2 and 8. It is a show you'd like to see again, however, which is more than you can say for much of the TV genre it caricatures. TV magazines of all varieties are the target, and Candice Bergen is swell as Murphy, the egocentric/insecure superstar interviewer of a hit investigative series titled "FYI." Tough-but-likable is the operative formula here. Tyrannical-but-vulnerable too.
November 12, 1987 | NANCY MILLS
Another TV movie about prostitutes? Not exactly, says Candice Bergen, who stars as the operator of a call-girl service in "Mayflower Madam," which airs Sunday night on CBS. "People will be expecting one thing, but they're going to get another," she says. "This is totally feminist. The network avoided every cheap shot--which in itself is notable and maybe even regrettable." It's not a role you'd expect of the cool and elegant Bergen. But Bergen is full of surprises.
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