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December 17, 1998 | DANNY SCHUMACHER
Mark Cannon was silenced for awhile Wednesday night. Unfortunately for Chaminade, it wasn't long enough. Cannon, a senior guard, sparked Chatsworth with three three-pointers in the fourth quarter to carry the Chancellors to a 56-42 victory over the Eagles in a quarterfinal of the Valencia tournament. Cannon sank seven three-pointers and finished with 26 points. He made four three-pointers in the second quarter, helping the Chancellors (6-2) build a 35-21 lead.
William Conrad, who starred as the portly district attorney in television's "Jake and the Fatman" and played the title role in the earlier detective series "Cannon," died of a heart attack Friday. He was 73. Conrad became ill at his home and died at the Medical Center of North Hollywood, hospital spokeswoman Tricia Spellman said. He was best known for his role as J.L. (Fatman) McCabe, an irascible, hard-nosed district attorney and former police officer.
May 25, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Researchers raised another cannon from an underwater site two miles offshore. They hope it will help prove the sunken wreckage was once the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. "We knew it the first day, and we still have absolutely no doubt that she's the Queen Anne's Revenge," said Phil Masters, whose Florida-based research firm located the wreckage in 1996. "There is no other ship lost at Beaufort Inlet with anything more than 10 cannon."
A smoky and foul-smelling peat bog fire that contributed to one highway death and forced northern Santa Barbara County schools to keep children indoors has begun to subside after firefighters began blasting the smoldering earth with millions of gallons of water. The fire is in the northeastern portion of Vandenberg Air Force Base, and base firefighters have been attacking it with 4 million gallons of water daily since Wednesday.
February 9, 1990 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
"Loose Cannons" (citywide) is yet another mismatched buddy-buddy cop movie. Even though director-co-writer Bob Clark has a bright, genial style, there's a foredoomed feel about it all. Gene Hackman is the tough, irreverent old pro, Dan Aykroyd is his overly sensitive, on-the-edge partner and, once again, they battle their way through a screaming maze of psycho criminals, car-chases and wisecracks to find happiness. As a buddy couple, Hackman and Aykroyd are not bad.
August 6, 1986 | United Press International
Former Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon Sr. has been released from a federal prison in Texas after serving three years for making counterfeit $100 bills. Federal officials said Cannon returned to his hometown of Baton Rouge late Monday after serving three years of a five-year sentence at a minimum-security federal penitentiary in Texarkana, Tex. He was released early on good behavior. Cannon, 48, still faces three months of supervision in a halfway house.
March 19, 1995 | JIM MURRAY
Well, there's no baseball. Basketball--while no longer Jordan-less--is in a state of flux. It looks like a long, hot summer. So I thought I would resurrect the bit of gimmickry that was the trademark of the late, great Jimmy Cannon, who titled it, "Nobody Asked Me, But . . . " I have appointed myself custodian of the gimmick, keeper of the faith. Nobody asked me, either, but here goes: If George Foreman fights Mike Tyson, he should have his head examined.
September 9, 2005 | Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
Oh, no, look out. There she goes again. Tessa is about to let 'er rip. It's so embarrassing. Doesn't the poor girl know that one just doesn't do certain things? Not Tessa. She has no sense of what's appropriate. So Tessa arises and begins to assail the poor chap from the Foreign Office in the middle of his dreary lecture. Doesn't he realize, she demands, that British foreign policy is a sham driven by corporate greed and narrow-minded nationalism?
October 8, 2011 | By Susan King, Los Angeles Times
Actress-director Dyan Cannon recalls in her memoir, "Dear Cary: My Life With Cary Grant," that she and Grant were over the moon with joy at the birth of their daughter, Jennifer, in February 1966. But when she brought the baby home, Cannon realized that her beloved Yorkie, Bangs, was nowhere to be found. Grant matter-of-factly told her that he had given Bangs away. "Infants and dogs aren't a good mix, Dyan," she quotes him as saying. "Animals can experience extreme jealousy around newborns.
February 12, 1994 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
William Conrad, burly star of the series "Jake and the Fatman," "Cannon" and other television shows, died of a heart attack Friday. He was 73. Conrad became ill at his home and died at the Medical Center of North Hollywood, hospital spokeswoman Tricia Spellman said. Conrad played J.L. "Fatman" McCabe, a tough district attorney and former cop, on the CBS-TV series "Jake and the Fatman," which ran from 1987 to 1992.
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