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December 20, 1987 | KAREN CORD TAYLOR, Taylor is a free-lance writer living in Boston
After several intense and exhilarating days of glaciers, hovering peaks and hikes at 4,000 meters, my husband and I were feeling visually and emotionally drained. That was how we discovered the area around this small, well-preserved medieval city on the Rhine north of Zurich. If the Alps are like the Rockies to Americans, then the canton of Schaffhausen is Vermont. The architecture that is so fascinating and detailed is more than 400 years old.
January 20, 1987 | From Reuters
Two thieves were executed in the South China city of Canton over the weekend in an official crackdown on rising crime, the Canton Daily reported Monday.
September 23, 1988 | From Reuters
Thirteen people were executed for murder and robbery after a public trial in the southern Chinese city of Canton this week, the Nanfang Ribao newspaper has reported.
July 4, 2002 | Bloomberg News
UCBH Holdings Inc. said it will buy 25% of privately held Bank of Canton of California for $48 million in stock and is in talks to acquire the remaining 75% to expand its business with Chinese customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. UCBH, parent of United Commercial Bank, said it can back out of buying the 25% if no deal is hammered out for the rest. Acquiring the entire bank would increase United Commercial Bank's assets by 42% to about $4.4 billion.
June 12, 1986 | DAVID T. FRIENDLY, Times Staff Writer
At first blush, Warner Bros. Production President Mark Canton looks like the quintessential transplanted New Yorker. On Friday nights you'll find him with an Armani sweater draped around his shoulders in booth No. 1 at Helena's, the trendy downtown dance club. His daily regimen includes yoga, he drinks herbal tea and he will proudly tell you that at 36, he is still a rock 'n' roller at heart. In his spacious, pine-paneled office on the Warner Bros.
October 26, 1996 | Associated Press
Russ Grimm concedes he surprised himself how he reacted to the news that he could be on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "I've never been the type of guy that says, 'Oh, this is great, I hope my name goes up there,' but I'm kind of excited about it," Grimm said Friday after hearing he was among the preliminary nominees for 1997 induction.
February 23, 1991
In U.S. military briefings recently, officials referred to a "CANTONMENT" area in which Iraqi tanks were destroyed. Later, other officials remarked that a cantonment area was a place where military vehicles are repaired. Cantonment comes from the French word cantonnement and is defined as "the assignment of troops to temporary quarters," or as a term to describe "the quarters assigned."
March 11, 2009
  Total time: 12 minutes, plus cooking and drying time for the candied ginger and syrup Servings: 2 cocktails Note: Canton Ginger Liqueur and Charbay Vodka can be found at good liqueur stores. The candied ginger recipe yields more powdered candied ginger than is required for the recipe. Store the powder in a sealable plastic bag in a cool, dry place; it should keep for several weeks. The recipe also yields more candied ginger than is needed for the recipe; the syrup will keep, covered and refrigerated, for up to 2 weeks.
January 29, 1991 | Associated Press
At least 13 people were executed in a single day in the southern Chinese city of Canton, as part of a national anti-crime campaign, the official newspaper Yangcheng Evening News said. The report listed the names of the 13 people, who were convicted of theft, armed robbery, murder, assault and rape. Executions in China are by a single bullet to the back of the head.
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