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September 5, 2012 | By Susan Carpenter
When single-dose laundry detergents entered the market earlier this year, they were hailed for their efficiency. Not only do they use less water and less packaging than traditional detergents but they also are more convenient for consumers, who can drop a soap capsule into the washer -- no measuring or pouring needed. But products such as Tide Pods, All Mighty Pacs and Purex UltraPacks now are being blamed for hundreds of calls to poison-control centers, which report that children are mistaking the small, brightly colored capsules for candy.
April 17, 2014 | By Ben Bolch
1. INDIANA 56-26 (Home: 35-6; Road: 21-20) vs. 8. ATLANTA 38-44 (Home: 24-17; Road: 14-27) Season series: Tied, 2-2. Key stat: Even with its epic late-season slide, Indiana still ranked second in the league by giving up only 92.3 points per game. Outlook: Atlanta is a tough matchup for the Pacers because of its ability to space the floor with three-point shooters Kyle Korver, DeMarre Carroll, Lou Williams and Jeff Teague. The Hawks also won't be lacking for confidence after beating Indiana by 19 points on the road in the teams' last meeting.
March 21, 1986 | Associated Press
SmithKline Beckman Corp. today withdrew Contac, Dietac and Teldrin from the market because trace amounts of a rat poison had been found in five tampered capsules. The decision followed by one day the release of findings that there had been threats made against the over-the-counter drugs, that some of them had been tampered with and that flour and cornstarch had been found in them in two cities. No injuries were reported.
April 12, 2014 | Esmeralda Bermudez
They came as they were - in sandals, without makeup, their hair a bit askew. A little girl with her plastic doll. A mother of one with her pregnant belly. A cowboy with wild horses galloping on his shirt. It was picture day on the Eastside not long ago, and people - grandmothers, couples, children and teenagers - lined up to pose. The shoots were spontaneous, set up on the street without notice, as part of a 40th-anniversary project organized by Self Help Graphics & Art, Boyle Height's historic community art center.
September 21, 1987 | DUNCAN STRAUSS
If a band proudly performs early '70s-style progressive rock in 1987, does that make it's music regressive rock? Ask Marillion, the English quintet which headlined the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday. The group aims for a certain (melo) --drama, with layered textures, shifting, highly cinematic passages and Very Meaningful Lyrics rendered in a whispery, plaintive deliv1702000928ly chucked his solo career and returned to the old Genesis.
December 16, 1987 | Associated Press
A woman pleaded not guilty Tuesday to federal charges that she spiked capsules of over-the-counter medicine with cyanide, killing her husband and a woman. U.S. Magistrate Philip K. Sweigert set a Feb. 16 trial for Stella Nickell, 44, of Auburn. Nickell was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on two counts of causing death by product tampering, involving Extra-Strength Excedrin capsules tainted with cyanide.
January 27, 1986 | RICHARD CROMELIN
In her black, ruffle-hemmed sheath, Weslie Brown looked like Liz Taylor in the role of an edgy '50s nightclub singer. But the music she performed Friday at the Lhasa Club jumped all over the map--Broadway, torch songs, art song, jazz, Motown, blues, opera. And while everything might have a familiar reference point, Brown sets it all at odd angles and bathes it in strange colors.
September 1, 2012 | By Sam Farmer
In order of predicted finish by division: EAST DIVISION NEW YORK GIANTS 2011: 9-7, 1st in East. 2011 playoffs: Beat New England Patriots, 21-17, in Super Bowl XLVI. They're going all the way: Go ahead, keep talking about the Jets' quarterback circus. The Giants will quietly thank their lucky stars for Eli Manning, who tied a league record last season by directing seven fourth-quarter comebacks. Losing Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham won't kill them.
December 23, 1985 | CHRIS WILLMAN
Kashif's appearance Saturday at the Beverly Theatre was a benefit to provide toys for poor children, but he doesn't adopt this generous spirit just for Christmas. As a producer and songwriter, Kashif almost always does his best work for other performers (such as Whitney Houston)--and on Saturday, you would've said that his backup personnel stole the show, if it wasn't so clear that he was giving it to them.
February 4, 1985 | TERRY McQUILKIN
Choral groups don't usually attract a lot of attention. But those listeners who traveled to the Embassy Theatre, where the Camerata of Los Angeles performed Saturday night, found their trip worthwhile. Conductor H. Vincent Mitzelfelt's gestures may be a bit abrupt and exaggerated, but his chorus sings with unusual precision and clarity. Moreover, the singers are able to sustain an energized sound for long periods and at various dynamic levels.
April 9, 2014 | By Mike DiGiovanna
SEATTLE -- Texas General Manager Jon Daniels wanted to cover his eyes every time former Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton barreled toward first base and launched his 6-foot-4, 240-pound frame headfirst into the bag. "He drove me crazy when he did that," Daniels said in a 2013 interview. "You have a 240-pound guy who is as fast and as explosive as he is … you just cringe when he dives in. You're saying, 'Get up! Get up!' But that's his style of play. I don't think you can take that from him. " Hamilton's aggressive - some would say reckless - approach usually serves him well, but his latest ill-advised and instinct-induced dive into first base will take the hot-hitting left fielder away from the Angels for six to eight weeks.
February 6, 2014 | By Lance Pugmire
KINGS DUSTIN BROWN, USA Why picked: Captain of 2012 Stanley Cup champions, leader who will be team's alternate captain. Olympic experience: Alternate captain on the U.S. silver-medal team in 2010, point-less in six games. Has played in four World Championships, as captain in 2009, had five goals in both 2006 and 2008. Quoteworthy: "As this team came together, you look at 10 players that have been a captain or assistant captain on their team. " - USA Coach Dan Bylsma.
February 6, 2014 | From staff reports
A capsulized look at each of the 15 disciplines, including best of the U.S., best of the rest and American medal chances. Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill Where: Rosa Khutor Alpine Center When: Feb. 9 Best of U.S.: Bode Miller, Travis Ganong, Marco Sullivan, Erik Fisher Best of the rest: Aksel-Lund Svindal (Norway), Adrien Theaux (France), Didier Defago (Switzerland), Carlo Janka (Switzerland) U.S. chances to medal: Miller (36) is defying Father Time.
December 27, 2013 | By Houston Mitchell
Sports memories can be fleeting and easily dissolvable, sort of like cotton candy. The events of 2013 likely won't be remembered in 100 years, but what if we created a sports time capsule, and put in items representing the year in sports? We could bury it at the 50-yard line of the Coliseum, which will probably be the only existing sports venue still standing in 2113, and have it opened by Vin Scully, whose consciousness will be placed in an android doppelganger in 2022, and who will be starting his 165th year as Dodgers announcer in 2113.
December 22, 2013 | By Adam Tschorn, This post has been corrected, as indicated below.
Fashion model Behati Prinsloo has plopped down on this particular couch in this particular atelier in downtown Los Angeles on this particular mid-December evening to talk about her new creative collaboration with L.A.-based denim label THVM. Thanks to a rapidly rising professional profile - not to mention her engagement to Maroon 5 frontman and "The Voice" coach Adam Levine - she's doing more than introducing around a dozen pieces of apparel to the world. She's been introducing herself too. Not that Behati (pronounced Bee-OTT-ee)
September 30, 2013 | Sandy Banks
I have an unfamiliar refrigerator in my familiar kitchen. It's sleek, shiny and smudge-proof. So why am I missing my old one, a clunky, black, last-century model, its drawers and shelves held together with duct tape and Super Glue? The ice maker hadn't worked in years. The vegetable drawer had been terminally stuck until I bought a new one online last month. And the water hose had broken so many times over the years that I spent hundreds of dollars on repairs before I learned to fix it myself.
February 20, 2012 | By Chris Woolston, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Now that we're deep into the cold and flu season, it's safe to assume that germs are hiding pretty much everywhere - the keypad at the grocery store checkout, the handrail on the bus, the air around that miserable-looking co-worker. Avoiding germs entirely would require something like solitary confinement or a head-to-toe application of Purell. As an alternative, many people try to do what they can to strengthen their immune systems. Vitamin C is old news, and echinacea and other herbs haven't really panned out. But there's a livelier option: probiotic supplements that supposedly fortify the immune system.
August 21, 2013 | By Paul Whitefield
Stop me if you've heard this one: A man armed with an assault rifle walks into a school … OK, it's no joke. And it wouldn't be funny if it were. On Tuesday, it happened again: “A 19-year-old man dressed in black and armed with an AK-47 assault rifle fired at least six shots at police from inside an elementary school in suburban Atlanta,” as my colleague David Zucchino reported . Fortunately, this time -- unlike in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo., and Virginia Tech and, oh, you get the idea -- no one was hurt.
August 12, 2013 | By Jon Healey
It's easy for Californians to get breathless about Elon Musk's futuristic Hyperloop, considering how much bad news they've gotten about the high-speed rail line they voted for in 2008. So when Musk revealed details of his idea Monday afternoon in a blog post , Golden Staters could be forgiven for wishing they could have a do-over on that ballot initiative. But regardless of its superior coolness factor, Musk's idea faces some of the same hurdles that have been so problematic for the train project -- plus a few unique ones.
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