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Cardinal Roger Mahony

August 17, 1994 | STEVE RYFLE
Cardinal Roger Mahony will preside over dedication and reopening ceremonies for the Glendale Community Center, formerly known as the Catholic Youth Organization building, at 10 a.m. Aug. 29. The CYO has been closed for more than two years. The organization's dilapidated structure at 4322 San Fernando Road was torn down and its 6,200-square-foot replacement was built with $622,000 in federal Housing and Urban Development funds allocated by the city.
February 14, 1992
I want to join others in expressing profound concern over proposals for a new code for films and television set forth by Cardinal Roger Mahony (Feb. 2). The cardinal's proposition calls for a new set of standards for filmmakers and the establishment of film boards with the power to censor artistic creativity. These proposals may be well-intended, but they endanger values cherished by all of us. Citing the problems of "rape, date-rape, sexual harassment, child molestation, sex addiction, serial killings, AIDS and venereal disease epidemics," Mahony blames filmmakers for "glorifying evil" (Jan.
November 29, 2005
The title of Steve Lopez's column should have been "Lopez Keeps Blurring the Issue" concerning the Catholic Church and its teachings ("Vatican Keeps Blurring the Issue," Nov. 25). He takes the opportunity to rehash old issues that both he and The Times have beaten to death and somehow link that to Pope Benedict XVI's restatement on the long-standing teaching of the church -- sex outside marriage is sinful, whether by clergy or laypeople. It's easy to be revisionist when one doesn't understand what the original positions are. Uninformed non-Catholics and Catholics are presenting distortions as being truth.
August 2, 1997
Cardinal Roger Mahony and the Anti-Defamation League have condemned the July 21 arson at the First AME Zion Church in the Adams District, and vowed to support its pastor and congregation. The suspicious, early morning blaze, which caused more than $1 million in damage, is being investigated by the multi-agency House of Worship Arson Task Force, which includes the city fire and police departments, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
July 11, 2001
Steve Lopez's July 6 column "Downhill From Temple and Grand" does the Archdiocese of Los Angeles a disservice. Jeff Dietrich and Catherine Morris (and many people not necessarily associated with the L.A. Catholic Worker) have criticized Cardinal Roger Mahony for spending millions of dollars to build the new cathedral complex. They talk as if the money were going down a black hole. That money is employing many people, from the architect, engineers, contractors and construction workers in many trades to the artisans whose works will be inside the structures.
March 21, 2007
Re "Mahony accounts of abuse case tape differ," March 20 Once again, Cardinal Roger Mahony has been caught in a lie. He lied to the people of Los Angeles about Michael Baker several years ago. Now we find that he got caught lying to his flock in October 2005 about Lynn Caffoe. When will he learn that, when in doubt, start with the truth? It is the best advice that any leader can follow. He certainly is not getting that advice from his lawyers. Because his credibility as the shepherd of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles is completely nonexistent, I urge him to resign.
May 20, 2001
The article on the pardon of Carlos Vignali ("Working the American System," by Richard A. Serrano and Stephen Braun, April 29) should be titled "The American Tragedy." It's a sad day in America when a member of Congress, a U.S. attorney, a state senator, a member of the state Assembly, a county sheriff and a cardinal don't have the common sense to find out what kind of individual they are recommending for a presidential pardon! While I am not surprised that politician after politician can only see the green of fat campaign contributions, was Cardinal Roger Mahony so detached from reality that he would not even bother to become acquainted with the individual whose case he thought needed to be "reviewed fully"?
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