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Cargo Ship

July 23, 1985 | United Press International
Israeli gunboats opened fire on a cargo ship in the southern port of Sidon today, driving swimmers out of the water and setting the ship ablaze, security sources said. Elsewhere, Shia militiamen surrounded a Palestinian refugee camp outside the port of Tyre and demanded that residents turn over gunmen responsible for an ambush in which a militiaman was killed. Continuing clashes between Christian and Muslim militiamen claimed two more lives in the Beirut area.
June 30, 1988 | From United Press International
Three people, including a noted seaman, were rescued Wednesday from their battered sailboat by the crew of a British cargo ship, which rendezvoused with the stranded trio in high seas 400 miles southwest of Los Angeles, the Coast Guard reported.
December 19, 1995
Port of Long Beach shipping executives cheered Monday as former First Lady Barbara Bush christened the OOCL America, one of the world's three largest container vessels. The 905-foot-long ship, built in Japan for Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Lines, takes its first load of cargo today to Oakland before heading to Hong Kong. It is the third of the company's six new container vessels, each with a record-breaking capacity of nearly 5,000 cargo containers.
July 25, 2004 | Rosemary McClure, Times Staff Writer
CALIFORNIA Sail into battle aboard the World War II ship Lane Victory on daylong cruises to Catalina Island. The San Pedro-based cruises, planned Aug. 14 and 15, and Sept. 11 and 12, include an aerial dogfight, a tour of the engine room and wheelhouse, and a water display by a harbor fireboat. A Navy sea cadet honor guard will participate in a memorial service honoring a ship and crew lost at sea during battle.
April 8, 2000 | From Associated Press
The Defense Department decided against trying to unload 110 tons of PCB-contaminated waste here for even a short stay, and the container ship carrying the unwelcome cargo steamed out of port Friday. The ultimate destination of the waste, from U.S. military bases in Japan, has not been determined, a Pentagon spokesman said. "We're pleased we've been able to address the concerns of the citizens of the state of Washington," Army Lt. Col. Steve Campbell said in a telephone interview.
January 17, 1986 | United Press International
A smoky fire in the hold of a cargo ship Thursday injured 25 people, including 14 workers who were trapped inside the vessel until rescuers used a crane to open a hatch. The cause of the fire is being investigated. Officials said the Pioneer Contractor was dry-docked at the Todd Shipyards for routine maintenance.
December 10, 1989 | Associated Press
A cargo ship hit an oil platform in the southern Gulf of Suez, causing millions of dollars in damage to the rig but no casualties, a senior oil company official said Saturday. The platform is owned by Gulf Petroleum Co., or Gupco, a joint Egyptian-American venture with major operations in the gulf between mainland Egypt and Sinai. The Gupco official said the collision spilled a small amount of oil from the platform into the gulf. He said damage to the platform is expected to exceed $10 million.
May 2, 1989 | From Times wire services
A Panamanian cargo ship carrying 913 new Toyota and Nissan cars collided with a Chinese tanker and sank in the Seto Inland Sea off western Japan this morning. The 7,628-ton auto carrier Orange Coral collided with the 2,785-ton Shamrock Ocho 4 miles off western Japan in a dense fog. The 18 South Korean crewmen on the cargo ship were rescued by a nearby ship, but it will be more than a week before salvage crews can raise the vessel, a spokesman for the Maritime Safety Agency said.
November 2, 1989 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A 473-foot cargo ship that ran aground in the Dry Tortugas on Monday has caused "massive and extensive" damage to Florida's sensitive coral formations, some of which are 200 years old, Randy Lewis, a spokesman for the state's Department of Natural Resources, said. Lewis said state officials believe the ship destroyed tens of millions of dollars worth of coral. The damage extends along the length of the ship, and about 75 feet beyond the stern, he said.
December 22, 1988
The captain of a Korean cargo ship found dead in his bunk apparently died of natural causes while his vessel was bound for Los Angeles Harbor, according to authorities. The 41-year-old captain of the Hyundai 12 was found dead Monday in his cabin by crew members who had not seen him for about 12 hours, Los Angeles Police Detective Roosevelt Joseph said. Police detectives and coroner's officials boarded the 550-foot bulk carrier after it anchored about 8 a.m.
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