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May 23, 1989 | From Reuters
Five people were killed and 100 injured when two freight trains collided in Soviet Kazakhstan, starting a fire that destroyed 13 homes, the Communist Party daily Pravda reported Monday. The accident occurred Saturday outside a railway station in Alma-Ata, capital of the Soviet republic. A train carrying six tankers of liquid propane hit another train that was switching tracks, Tass said. The tanker train caught fire and one tanker exploded, spreading the flames to nearby houses where 26 families lived, Pravda said.
August 14, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Thou shalt not steal -- at least not near a convent. Police in Independence, Mo., credit two nuns with helping capture a burglary suspect. About 7 a.m., one of the nuns saw a man walking through a field. He was carrying a shotgun and other items. She and another nun went to see if he was lost or a poacher. He ran. One nun gave chase, dressed in her ankle-length habit and flip-flops. He got away, but she described him to police, who made an arrest.
January 23, 1988
The Whizzer ran with the ball again. Unfortunately, he ran in the wrong direction, and he wasn't carrying a football this time. 'Tis a sad thing that the annals of sports trivia won't carry the entry that the Whizzer carried a football in the wrong direction with the result of a safety rather than the biographical entry that Justice Byron (Whizzer) White successfully led an attack on the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States. GEORGE H. MAASKE Santa Ana
March 3, 1991
Just as I was bemoaning the siege of Southern California by loud-mouthed, narrow-minded, women-hating yahoos, I read a smidgen of good news in "What's the Rush?" The good news? KABC's Michael Jackson, a voice of civility and reason, outdraws the loutish Limbaugh by 2 to 1 in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that the station carrying Limbaugh has a much stronger signal than KABC's. In fact, here in the Antelope Valley, I need a special radio for listening to Jackson. But he's worth the effort.
November 4, 1993
I liked the nice, reflective article by Schuyler Ingle on clear consomme ("In Pursuit of Clarity," Oct. 21). My mother regularly tossed egg shells into the stockpot. And following Adele Davis (who maintained that bones left from a meal are de-germed from lengthy simmering, and thus, safe), but carrying the idea further, I put all bones, meat skins and egg shells as they collect into a freezer. When it's time to make stock, broth or soup, it is all simmered for an hour or two. --CLEO ROGERS, Burbank
November 2, 1987
I saw the full page advertisement placed by the NRA (Part I, Oct. 21). I have to ask a question: Just where does the NRA propose that an individual use his firearm? It is not that I don't think that some people who attack other people should not be shot, but . . . If you are in a subway in New York and you are attacked by four youths carrying screwdrivers and you use your firearm, the New York police will arrest you for attempted murder. If the grand jury fails to indict you, the judge will sentence you to six months in jail for carrying an unregistered firearm.
April 26, 1986
I surprised myself with the level of indignation I felt when I saw that you had withheld the Doonesbury comic strip due to disagreement with the subject matter. Ordinarily I do not read Doonesbury but, as soon as I saw you were not carrying it, I rushed to find it in my local paper to see what was so offensive and judge it for myself. I have no quarrel with your right to choose which strips you will carry but once you have committed yourself to carrying a strip, carry it. Your objection to the subject matter of the series would have been better served simply by recording that objection adjacent to the strip.
April 10, 2009 | Ruben Vives
Five railroad tanker cars derailed Thursday at a train yard in La Mirada, authorities said. No injuries were reported in the 6:19 a.m. accident near the intersection of Macaw Street and Herron Avenue, said Capt. Mike Brown of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Three of the tankers fell into La Mirada Creek, but none of them leaked into the waterway, Brown said. They were carrying ethanol, said Lena Kent, a spokeswoman for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. One tanker on the ground was empty, she said, but another carrying potassium hydroxide, used as a bleach in the manufacture of soaps, glass and alkaline batteries, was leaking.
November 12, 1994
Top-10 Good Things About NHL Work Stoppage 10. No need to spend more than an hour crawling along the 405 toward Inglewood several times a week. 9. Don't have to miss nightly Star Trek reruns at 7. 8. No dragging my tired body to work the morning after previous night's four-hour overtime game. 7. Don't have to explain icing all night to non-fan using corporate seats in my section. 6. One word: Books! 5. Can spend idle time planning how to spend refund from canceled games that the Kings will be sending me sometime next August.
January 19, 1989
I would like to add some additional thoughts to the excellent editorial. All Americans can do things now to help slow the tide of trash that would normally end up in a landfill. In the home: Recycle your newspapers, glass, aluminum scrap and cans. Remember that all types of beverage containers now give you a 2-cent refund when recycled, and that includes plastic. In the store: When we shop, let's bring our own shopping bags to the store--the way they do in Europe. Many small purchases or items like beverage six-packs, with carrying handles, don't even require bags; just carry your receipt as proof of purchase.
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