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Cartoon Characters

April 2, 1998 | Associated Press
RJR Nabisco executives are fuming about a congressional bid to prohibit cigarette companies from using animals in their advertising. The bill introduced by Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain would force RJR Nabisco to do away with Old Joe, the Camel dromedary used on Camel cigarette packs since 1913. RJR Nabisco earlier had agreed to do away with Joe Camel, the cartoon character used in recent years to pitch cigarettes.
October 27, 1985
In spite of all the hype about "The Golden Girls," we find the show to be mediocre. My friends and I watched it the first few times and then gave up. The women all represent personality extremes, and all are pretty ridiculous, especially the acid-tongued old crone. Why couldn't at least one of them be charming and normal? Must we look forward to being cartoon characters? The show strays far from its announced intention of depicting older women as attractive. Kathy Jennings, Santa Barbara
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