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February 16, 2013 | By Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times
Seth Green slumps on a bench seat in a 1970s Winnebago that's parked inside of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in Burbank. A nasty case of strep throat has him feeling low. But the fact that "Robot Chicken," the off-color stop-motion animated series Green created with Matthew Senreich was renewed for a seventh season, perks him up a bit. "We thought it was the same generation as us who grew up watching the same TV shows and eating the same cereal," says...
February 7, 2013 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Let us consider Nick Cannon, who is never long out of sight but busy out of sight as well. He may currently be seen as a version of himself on Kevin Hart's BET reality-show parody, "The Real Husbands of Hollywood," and when it's in season, as the host of NBC's "America's Got Talent. " He co-hosted ABC's "Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade" special in December; a revival of his MTV improv-games series "Wild N Out" is currently in production; and simply by virtue of being married to Mariah Carey and the father of their twins, he remains more or less constantly in the public eye. Now Cannon has created "The Incredible Crew" - not for Nickelodeon this time but Cartoon Network - a single-camera sketch comedy already in progress.
January 3, 2013 | By Ted Rall
After a school massacre in Connecticut, the National Rifle Assn. suggested that public schools should each post one armed sentry to provide security. Now politicians in California are debating the proposal. One risk nobody has thought of yet: What if the guards are embarrassed by the students' superior knowledge and possession of firearms? ALSO: Ted Rall: A year in cartoons Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons McManus: The perils of political punditry Follow Ted Rall on Twitter @TedRall
December 28, 2012 | By David Horsey
Seated inside a cavernous auditorium in Charleston, S.C., just days before that state's presidential primary in January, I was feeling downright gleeful. Spread out before me was a vast, gaudy, multi-screen, red-white-and-blue stage set worthy of “American Idol.” A CNN producer was warming up a big crowd of well-dressed Republicans, coaching them about when to cheer, when to laugh and when to shut up as if they were rubes in a “Tonight Show” studio audience. Within moments, the candidates for the Republican nomination would be trooped out, one by one - each introduced as if he were in the starting lineup of the Lakers.
December 20, 2012 | By Ted Rall
Despite her promise not to retaliate against him, two weeks after taking office, new Los Angeles Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey has reassigned her political rival in a “lateral” move to a job with a lower profile and less prestigious cases. ALSO: Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons 2012 endings: What we'll miss most Slideshow: Social media hits and misses in 2012 Follow Ted Rall on Twitter @TedRall      
November 29, 2012 | By Ted Rall
Having a two-thirds legislative supermajority for the first time in more than a century, California Democrats are facing intense pressure from the left to use their new powers, which they always said they wanted and needed -- before they got them. ALSO: Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons Republicans, stop the grasping: You've won GOP -- and Obama -- should stop torturing Susan Rice   Follow Ted Rall on Twitter @TedRall
November 15, 2012 | By Ted Rall
The Republican Party in California may have effectively been doomed to electoral irrelevance. ALSO: CA to GOP: Adios Photo gallery: Ted Rall cartoons Wanted: Smarter American voters Follow Ted Rall on Twitter @TedRall  
November 15, 2012 | Mike Anton, Los Angeles Times
Lucille Bliss, who provided the voice of the cartoon character Crusader Rabbit in the early days of television and gained recognition a generation later as the voice of Smurfette in the 1980s television hit "The Smurfs," has died. She was 96. Bliss died Nov. 8 from natural causes at an assisted living center in Costa Mesa, according to the Orange County coroner. Bliss parlayed a childhood love of radio theater into a career as an animation voice actress that stretched more than 60 years.
November 8, 2012
The composer Raymond Scott shaped a generation of young minds with his scores for popular cartoons of the era. But he was also an early electronic-music pioneer, and at this show members of Oingo Boingo re-create some of his best work and unravel the legacy of a musician whose vision helped define early pop. REDCAT, 631 W. 2nd St., L.A. 8:30 p.m. Fri. $20.
October 29, 2012 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Dan Harmon is headed back to the small screen with a new animated series, "Rick and Morty," which just got picked up for 10 episodes by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. According to reports, Harmon's new series, co-created with "Fish Hooks" animation writer Justin Roiland, will join the Adult Swim lineup sometime in 2014. The series reportedly follows the adventures of a genius inventor and his less-than-genius grandson. Harmon has had a long-standing love of animation. Even before he worked stop-motion and traditional animation into his otherwise live-action NBC series "Community," he was known as co-writer of the computer animated feature film "Monster House.
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