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Cerritos Ca

February 4, 1987 | STEVEN R. CHURM, Times Staff Writer
Never in a thousand years, Lesa Rusch figured, could it happen again in the skies over Cerritos. Then came the 6 o'clock news this week, and word that it nearly did. In stunned silence, Rusch listened to the report of a near collision between an Aeromexico jetliner and a small plane on Saturday--five months to the day after she and her fiance stood horrified in their front yard and watched the burning wreckage of a midair collision destroy much of their neighborhood.
September 8, 1986 | STEVEN R. CHURM and RALPH FRAMMOLINO, Times Staff Writers
They were the lucky ones: the housewife out grocery shopping, the teen-ager at church and the boy lying in his bed who managed to break through a window to safety. They survived the firestorm that destroyed their tranquil Cerritos neighborhood when an Aeromexico DC-9 jetliner slammed into the houses along Ashworth Place, Holmes Avenue and Reva Circle, sending sheets of flaming jet fuel everywhere.
September 3, 1986 | TED THACKREY JR. and ERIC MALNIC, Times Staff Writers
The pilot of an Aeromexico DC-9 apparently had no advance warning that he was in danger of colliding with a small private airplane, and witnesses said neither aircraft appeared to turn or take evasive action before their disastrous crash 6,500 feet above Cerritos, federal officials said Tuesday. Dr.
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