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December 14, 2008 | Kathy M. Kristof, Kristof is a personal-finance author and syndicated columnist.
Looking for cash to tide you over during these lean times? The Treasury Department is urging Americans to quiz their parents and grandparents this holiday season about whether they squirreled away U.S. savings bonds that have stopped earning interest. The reason: About $16 billion of these bonds haven't been redeemed. The government suspects that the owners have either died or forgotten about the investments that they bought in the 1940s, '50s, '60s and '70s.
When Halina Douglas and her family gathered at a Sizzler's restaurant five years ago to celebrate her certification as a paralegal assistant, it was a poignant measure of how far she had come from the days when she was forced to flee war-torn Ukraine during World War II. But Douglas' moment of victory turned to disaster when a large menu sign fell from the wall and slammed into her head.
December 13, 1990
The Carson City Council has decided to apply for state certification of a popular latchkey program, which the city closed at the end of November because it was operating without a state license. About 200 children were involved in the Kids Club program at the city's 12 parks and community center. The program provided before- and after-school supervision.
July 9, 2007
Re "Federal effort to target medical fraud," July 2 It is unacceptable for illegitimate companies to become suppliers allowed to bill for durable medical equipment and prosthetics and orthotics services. This costs us all and especially hurts those who rely on these devices and services to live full and productive lives. The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists supports licensure and education-based certification for individuals and strict accreditation for businesses.
September 29, 1996
The irrelevance of the teacher education programs discussed in Denis P. Doyle's commentary ("Schools of Education Are Relics of the Past," Sept. 20) strikes a resounding chord. Institutions must understand a teacher's need to be in the trenches--from day one. Those who choose to teach in a specific area must master their subject, while interning with several teachers and schools in order to increase their exposure to different teaching and learning styles, as well as socioeconomic back- grounds.
September 23, 1995 | CARLOS V. LOZANO
Ventura County firefighters, who have been without a union contract for more than a year, are expecting an agreement with the county fire district to be certified next week. The proposed contract calls for no salary increases and would cover the period through December, 1996, officials said. The contract also contains a provision that would help reduce the amount of compensatory time that firefighters take in lieu of overtime, which officials said is more expensive than paying overtime.
The Securities and Exchange Commission continued to scramble Thursday to deal with the rush of sworn statements by executives certifying their companies' earnings, as required by an SEC edict. "We're back into the paper age, with all its chaos," said SEC spokesman John Heine in Washington, when asked why a number of companies that said they filed their certifications had not been listed as such on the agency's Web site at midday Thursday.
January 4, 2005 | From Associated Press
A handful of adults adopted as children lined up Monday to take advantage of a new state law to get copies of their birth certificates. Jack Ferns, 53, of Loudon had hoped his birth father's name would be on the certificate, but it wasn't. "I was hoping it was, but I was a realist too," he said after getting his certificate. Ferns said he knew his birth mother's name, and she died two years after he was adopted. It was his birth father's name he sought. "I just want to know," he said.
October 7, 1995 | CARLOS V. LOZANO
Ventura County supervisors have scheduled a public hearing on the proposed sale of $51 million in bond-like certificates needed to finance a new wing at the county hospital. Representatives of the county's Public Facilities Corp., which is responsible for issuing the certificates, will join the board in presiding over the hearing. The supervisors approved the Ventura County Medical Center expansion last December.
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