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July 15, 1990
Congratulations to Mark E. Powers. He was able to "sort the grain from the chaff." ("Holdout Juror Doubted Intent of Silberman," July 4.) A jury should base its decisions on hard, cold facts--not moral indignation. Our government, in these cases, places a jury on trial by trying to make it decide between mountains of shady evidence and facts. When are they going to stop this charade and present a case in proper form? The government has no right to set a trap for anyone who may never enter into such a deal without their persuasion.
March 3, 1990
Incredible, isn't it? For eight years we had a President who knew nothing, did not want to know anything, had his wishes carried out by underlings with the unspoken directive to be told nothing--to keep him the hell out of whatever was going on--and we loved him for it, and seemingly still do. We prate and boast to the rest of the world of our beautiful democracy and suggest that it be emulated by one and all. Just who are we kidding?...
February 7, 1999 | CECILIA RASMUSSEN
The annals of child kidnapping are replete with heartbreaking tragedies, but probably none have been quite as bizarre as the crime that first mesmerized, then convulsed, Los Angeles more than 70 years ago. By the time it was over, it would involve not only an apparent abduction, but also impersonation, police coercion, false imprisonment, psychiatric abuse and--this being Los Angeles--a court fight that stretched on for more than a decade.
March 20, 2005
I know that, to remain relevant, all languages need to change and keep pace with growing and inventive societies. However, I'm puzzled as to certain definitions. In particular, I wonder when the word "insurance" lost its meaning. ("State Loses Bid to Curb 'Use It and Lose It,' " March 6.) In the past, premiums were paid to a company to insure a house, property, ship or other possessions against the risk of fire, theft or other loss. Too many of these occurrences might be deemed careless or be considered suspicious and result in raised policy rates or insurance refusal.
June 18, 2009 | MICHAEL HILTZIK
In the great circle of life known as the professional sports league calendar, we're about to follow up the crowning of the NBA champions with the ritual of the NBA draft.
June 15, 1996
Once again, our feckless Ventura County Transportation Commission, comprising members of several city councils and the Board of Supervisors, and its staff have engaged in an annual charade by dictating that no further development of a comprehensive, responsive, cost-effective multi-modal transit system will occur in Ventura County now, or in the immediate future. This annual ritual of denial--finding that there are "no unmet transit needs"--allows the public works directors of the cities and county to divert nearly two-thirds of the state Transportation Development Act funds intended for transit development to their roads and street maintenance budgets.
June 16, 1996
It is obvious that in the case of the Korean motorist who was shot by the police, the Orange County district attorney's office did not at any time consider that any of the policemen should be prosecuted ("Officers Justified in Killing Driver, O.C. D.A. Says," June 8). The putative four-month investigation is therefore a charade. As I recall, the information at the time was that another motorist alerted a policeman that the Korean motorist cut him off. You now report that one of the policemen found the Korean driving recklessly.
September 28, 1997 | Suzanne Garment, Suzanne Garment, a contributing editor to Opinion, is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She is the author of "Scandal: The Culture of Mistrust in American Politics."
It is getting extremely difficult to write about the White House fund-raising scandals with any sense of urgency--and that is the most urgent thing about them. In trying to gauge the impact of the recent news, you think you are viewing two different countries: one populated by part of the politically attentive public, straining, inch by agitated inch, to push Atty. Gen.
July 17, 2004 | J.A. Adande
OK Kobe, now that the best center and most successful coach in recent NBA history have left on your watch, now that NBA executives have zipped around the country and bowed to you at your whim, tell us exactly when the Lakers will win the championship. How many games will the NBA Finals last, when's the parade, where should the new banner go?
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