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Charles Moore

June 27, 1995
"It would be interesting, if not useful, to consider where one would go in Los Angeles to have an effective revolution. . . . If one took over some public square, some urban open space, who would know? A march on City Hall would be inconclusive. . . . The only hope would seem to be to take over the freeways."--Charles W. Moore, late dean of the Yale School of Architecture
May 6, 1990
A group of Inglewood residents began a recall effort against Councilman Garland Hardeman last week just six months after he took office. The residents charged in their complaint that Hardeman is consistently late for council meetings, does not respect council colleagues and staff, and has "attempted through threats, intimidation and coercion to profit from his position on the City Council."
December 20, 1993 | LEONARD FEATHER
Penland Polygon is the apt name of a many-sided quintet led by the drummer Ralph Penland and presented Friday at the Jazz Bakery. With the exception of Robert Hurst III, the fine bass player well known as a member of "The Tonight Show" band, Penland's musicians are relatively unfamiliar, though their talent takes little time to become evident. The front line comprises Charles Moore on trumpet and Gerald Pinter on tenor sax (occasionally soprano).
March 9, 1989 | ZAN STEWART
Before an overflow throng at CalArts' Roy O. Disney Hall in Valencia on Tuesday night, bassist Nedra Wheeler conducted a wide-ranging recital that proved there are many facets to her musical personality. Wheeler and her troupe investigated free-form world music improvisations, hard-edged modern swing and the blues.
April 14, 1985 | Robert Hanley
After about a dozen moves in the last 15 years, UC Irvine's extension program finally has a permanent home. Housed in a pair of one-story buildings completed recently on the sprawling Irvine campus, the university extension now has about 13,000 square feet of elbow room for classes and offices. Jay Schlicting, manager of promotions and information systems at UCI extension, said the department previously was based wherever room could be found.
October 22, 1985
Ten more Californians were selected this morning for a chance to win up to $2 million in the California Lottery. The 10, along with 10 others selected last week, with gather at a Hollywood television studio Monday night and take turns spinning a wheel to determine whether they will win $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $2 million.
August 2, 1987
The Federal National Mortgage Assn. has signed a 10-year lease, valued at about $17 million, to move its regional headquarters from Westwood to Plaza Las Fuentes, a mixed-used complex which will break ground later this year in downtown Pasadena. Fannie Mae will occupy 68,592 square feet of office space in the plaza, representing about 45% of the office space that will be offered in the first phase of the project.
September 19, 2010 | By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times
Every time it rains, workers in Long Beach rush to the mouth of the Los Angeles River to scoop up the floating islands of plastic bottles, grocery bags and other debris before it's all swept onto local beaches or pulled out to sea. Now, a deceptively simple solution is underway to fight the ongoing problem of river trash by intercepting it before it's washed into the river in the first place. Over the next year, 16 cities in southeastern Los Angeles County are installing screens beneath nearly every storm drain that flows into the lower Los Angeles River.
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