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February 7, 1992
Is it me or are the Democrats the only people who were having sex over the last 30 years? CHARLES SUPPLE Seal Beach
June 25, 1989 | From Reuters
Ancient Maori human heads owned by Ireland's National Museum are to be returned to New Zealand, Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey announced Friday.
January 6, 1985
I would like to thank CBS for its presentation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," The performance of David Warner was most impressive. Sally Wall, Los Alamitos
April 30, 2006
If Charles E. Johnson continues to write as cleverly and imaginatively as he did while describing Hollywood, he should rise to the top as a screenwriter ("Before You Ask Her Out, Do a Background Check," The Rules of Hollywood, April 2). Hang in there, Charles, you're a genius! Eddie Cress Sylmar
March 15, 1987
Donald Sommerfield's view (Feb. 22) (regarding the stereotypical role of women in "Charles in Charge") has had immediate results. Our producing and writing staff is meeting today to make positive adjustments in the level of consciousness of "Charles in Charge" toward the subjects raised in Mr. Sommerfield's letter. Al Burton, executive producer, Universal City
January 10, 1998
For all of the Kansas City fans who are trying to figure out why the Chiefs seemed so confused when they had the ball in Denver territory, trailing 14-10, with a minute to play, it's as simple as this: Marty Schottenheimer could not figure out how to get two field goals in such a short time. CHARLES E. SMITH JR. Santa Barbara Schottenheimer in a Super Bowl would be tantamount to the Angels in a World Series. It just ain't going to happen. DAVE S. DETWILER Azusa
October 2, 1999
I read in Newswire [Sept. 28] that the last boxing show at the Forum drew a "crowd" of 891. At what point does a group become a crowd? ZACHARY A. CHARLES Burbank
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