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October 8, 1992 | Times Wire Services
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. promoted Charles Heimbold Jr. to president. Heimbold, 59, is a director of the pharmaceutical and consumer product concern and most recently served as executive vice president. Until the announcement, the president's post had been unfilled.
December 26, 1998
Mike Tyson says that Francois Botha will suffer the same fate as his previous opponents. Does that suggest that Botha should wear earmuffs when he steps into the ring? ZACHARY A. CHARLES Burbank
February 19, 2005
Re "Love Is in the Heir: Charles to Wed Longtime Mistress," Feb. 11: Whew! Charles and Camilla to wed! What a relief! A major item now crossed off my worry list! Maybe soon we can solve real problems, like the war in Iraq and the plight of tsunami victims and Darfur and the pretend Social Security crisis and our healthcare mess. I'll be watching your front page for good news on these topics. Ann Bourman Los Angeles
January 14, 2001
Rick Rofman's letter (Letters to the Valley Edition, Jan. 7) alleging the renaming of the speech and drama building at Cal State Northridge "Nordhoff Hall" confuses Charles B. Nordhoff (1887-1947), the co-author of "Mutiny on the Bounty," with his grandfather and namesake. Charles Nordhoff (1830-1901) was the author of "California for Health, Pleasure, and Residence," a bestseller in the 1870s. The town of Ojai was originally named for Nordhoff because he wrote about the attractions of Ojai Valley, and Nordhoff Street, the south border of CSUN, was named for him. "Nordhoff Hall" is just a coincidence.
March 12, 1989
Our children love watching "Charles in Charge" each weeknight on Channel 5, but we no longer will allow them to watch the show. Our objection is not with the show itself, but with the terrible promos Channel 5 insists on running before, during and after "Charles." Recently our children were frightened when promos for "Poltergeist," "Psycho" and other horror films were broadcast. The promos were graphic, gory, extremely violent and definitely not suitable for family viewing. We think KTLA should show some responsibility and withhold promos like these before 8 p.m. and especially during shows specifically made for children.
August 27, 1989
The film's promoters probably alienated many by published remarks to the effect that the film's original title, "License Revoked," was changed because the marketing people decided Americans wouldn't understand the meaning of revoked . MRS. CHARLES R. AMES Santa Monica
October 12, 1987
If Bork is not confirmed as a Supreme Court justice all will not be lost. He and Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) can get together for a sitcom called "Bork and Windy." ZACHARY A. CHARLES Burbank
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