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June 29, 1991
If Sununu thinks he's so damned necessary to the efficient running of the White House, why doesn't he stay there? I think he has an overblown sense of his own importance as well as being too cheap to pay for his own air flights. SHIRLEY PORTER Sunland
November 2, 1997
The article "With Technology, Services Find Much Gained in Translations" [Sept. 10] provides a glimpse into the complex world of foreign-language communications. Is technology really bringing us cheap, near-instantaneous translation "at the touch of a button"--or is translation inherently arcane and baffling to outsiders? The truth lies in between. While the $50 translation to Japanese (with a turnaround of four hours, no less!) strains belief, it would have been interesting to hear from the Japanese counterparts who received the translation about what, if anything, they were able to make of the text.
December 30, 1992
It was no accident that Bush pardoned Weinberger and others during the holiday weekend. His lawyers have served him well. However, the one incredible thing I have always heard about the Iran-Contra investigation is that it has cost the taxpayers almost $40 million. If the immense power of both the Reagan and Bush administrations had not been used to cover up the truth and if everyone had come forward with the truth, then the investigation would have been real cheap. Instead, both Reagan and Bush have left us with the legacy of their cheap and corrupt values.
March 1, 1986
I have done two things quite recently which are completely out of character. One is writing this letter and the other is going out to the Los Angeles Open golf tournament and rooting against someone. After reading the quote attributed to Mac O'Grady that Riviera was like a "cheap public course" I cannot keep silent. As a weekend duffer who has to play those "cheap public courses," I think Mr. O'Grady owes the 200,000 persons who hit the links every weekend in Southern California an apology.
December 13, 1992
Oh, yuck--another article extolling the virtues of bad architecture ("One for the Books," by Aaron Betsky, Nov. 8). "Towell," the temporary Powell Library at UCLA, is just plain ugly--an awkward conglomeration of harsh and uncomfortable materials. Calling it "fun" and "serious exuberance" won't change that. Just because its budget was cheap (at under $3 million?) doesn't mean it has to look cheap. A wood structure would have been nice, but Quonset huts would have been even better.
July 2, 2000
Where have all the flags gone? With all the articles about how to dispose of the flag properly ("School's Banners Finally Spangled With All 50 Stars," June 14) when are we going to see articles about when to fly the flag? On my street, only three flags were flown, including mine, on Memorial Day and Flag Day. Are people too lazy to fly the flag or too cheap to own one? RAY COUTCHIE Woodland Hills
June 11, 1989
If Sullivan is going to dislike a work so intensely, he might devote more effort to justifying his very personal feelings in a more mature, sophisticated manner, rather than taking cheap shots and using silly, sophomoric alliterations. If there is bad theater, we'd like to hear about it, but The Times is no place for a bad writer. RICHARD W. PETTER Venice
September 12, 1987
After reading "From Marvelous to Mysterious" (Aug. 31), I think it is obvious what Marvin Hagler has been up to since his world middleweight boxing championship loss to Sugar Ray Leonard. He is hiding from your staff writers who will try any cheap shot to create a story. An article such as this is destructive to the world of sporting achievements and sportsmanship. PAT DAVIES Pacific Palisades
October 13, 1988
In all fairness, everyone watching the debate knew that Quayle was not comparing himself with Kennedy, but only his years of congressional experience at the time of seeking national office. Bentsen had obviously practiced that cheap shot and waited for an opening. The use of it certainly didn't do Bentsen credit. And Quayle was accurate, wasn't he? CONSTANCE FREDERICKS Rancho Santa Fe
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