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September 3, 2013 | By Angel Jennings
An ammonia leak at a South Gate cheese factory sent two workers to the hospital early Tuesday morning, according to authorities. Los Angeles County firefighters responded to the report of an ammonia leak at 5 a.m. in the 5600 block of East Imperial Highway . The building, which manufactures Saputo Cheese USA , was evacuated and cordoned off after a worker reported falling ill, said L.A. County Fire Supervisor Michael Pittman.  The...
August 1, 2013 | By Brad Balukjian
We all smell things a little differently, and new research shows why: By examining the DNA of hundreds of individuals and testing their sense of smell, scientists found the genetic basis for why we smell certain scents. Although smell is a huge part of our sensory experience (the inability to smell is called anosmia ), little research has been done on what controls it. Richard Newcomb, a geneticist at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research and senior author on the study in Current Biology , had spent much of his career examining smell in insects (they use their antennae)
July 27, 2013
When I first tasted this lovely white from Steve Matthiasson with his wife, Jill Klein Matthiasson, I thought Loire Valley. But this, surprise, surprise, comes from Napa Valley. A vineyard consultant by day, Matthiasson is part of a new generation of winemakers who work their vineyards sustainably and are intent on making wines that don't taste like everybody else's. The Matthiasson white is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Ribolla Gialla, Sémillon and Tocai Friulano. How did he come up with that?
July 18, 2013 | By S. Irene Virbila
When the focaccia emerges from the oven at Chi Spacca , it resembles a blistered and bubbly moonscape. Cheese bubbles up between gashes in the thin, crackling crust. I take a bite: This may be the single best thing I've put in my mouth all year. It tastes of olive oil, salt and tangy molten cheese all at once. This isn't the typical bready focaccia from Liguria, but a very particular version from Recco, a little hill town near Genoa. The focaccia is the result of two years' research by Nancy Silverton and Chi Spacca chef Chad Colby.
June 11, 2013 | By Russ Parsons
What would you order from Amazon's new grocery project ? For some of us, it's almost an existential question. Just as millions of Americans have taken to food shopping as a form of recreation (witness the crowds at your neighborhood farmers market), along comes a plan that treats it as drudgery and promises to relieve you of the burden. Drudgery? Well, sure, in some cases. But which ones? I have to admit the first time I read about the program, my first thought was: “The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills delivered to my doorstep?
June 8, 2013 | By S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times
Come summer, I look forward to interleaving slices of mozzarella and basil leaves with slices of the first luscious red tomatoes to make a classic caprese . I'll sometimes toss hot spaghetti with diced mozzarella or bocconcini (those bite-sized balls) and raw chopped tomato for a hot-weather supper. I had a wonderful treat once in Naples, a bowl of bocconcini drizzled with gold green olive oil. I think you get the idea: Mozzarella spells summer, and some of our best Italian restaurants take advantage of imported and local varieties of the milky white cheese.
June 5, 2013 | By Isabella Alsobrook
During the first two days of my one-month local-food challenge, I ate almost solely fruits and vegetables. At Tuesday's dinner of sautéed local kale and a salad of local beets, local goat cheese, and local lettuce, a hungry family member commented that it was not actually a meal, but rather just two side dishes, and that this “whole locavore thing” was not going to last. Determined to prove him wrong, I bought a dozen eggs from Trancas Canyon Nursery for $5 and I whipped up a quick frittata for dinner.
June 2, 2013 | By April Orcutt
PETALUMA, Calif. - As you drive north of San Francisco into Marin and Sonoma counties, the countryside begins to unfold before you. Green pastures, oak and chaparral-covered hillsides and small canyons of redwood trees reveal themselves. Red-tailed hawks and osprey fly overhead, deer graze in the hills and at sunset, bobcats survey the terrain. A setting so lovely that you can't help but think cheese Wait - not wine? Perhaps that too, but we're talking here about the Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail that winds through the countryside, connecting family farms and food artisans that create batches of distinctive cheeses from local grass-fed cows, goats and sheep.
May 19, 2013 | By Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times
SACRAMENTO - California dairy farmers and cheese processors are fighting again over milk prices. It's not Grade A, homogenized, pasteurized milk that's at issue in the state Capitol. Rather, agriculture lobbyists are focused on the price of whey, a milk byproduct probably best known to consumers who've read the Mother Goose nursery rhyme about little Miss Muffet eating her "curds and whey. " Once thrown away as waste, whey has become a valuable commodity, left over from processing cheese and then used in hundreds of foods, including baby formula and protein powder.
April 25, 2013 | By Noelle Carter
Looking for a quick and easy recipe? It doesn't get much simpler than frittata. Heat a pan, add some beaten eggs and flavorings and slowly cook to puffed perfection. Frittatas are easy to make and are versatile, perfect for breakfast or brunch, even dinner. Serve slices hot, fresh out of the pan, or make the frittata ahead of time and cool to room temperature before setting slices out on the table. Flavor the frittata with whatever you've got on hand: sauteed vegetables, leftover meats, fresh herbs, whatever cheese sounds good at the moment.
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