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March 2, 2012 | By Jamie Wetherbe, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Life's a drag, but if we're talking about Los Angeles after dark, that's a good thing. The city's drag show scene, once a closeted affair hidden in dive bars, now sells out theaters and pulls in straight crowds. During the last 20 years, female-impersonator shows in L.A. have become more than dressing like Cher and lip-syncing "Believe. " "Performers are real singers and real writers," says Jon Imparato, director of cultural arts at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. "It's become an art form.
January 15, 2012 | By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic
Not just anyone can pull off the glass bubble bodysuit Los Angeles designer Michael Schmidt made for Lady Gaga to wear on a 2009 cover of Rolling Stone or the Lego dress he whipped up for Fergie to wear onstage at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards. But Schmidt's new line of jewelry lets all women explore their inner rock goddesses. Consider an elegantly draped metal mesh cuff, without seams or a clasp, that rolls onto the wrist effortlessly. A crystal rope infinity knot necklace. A hairy goat fur cuff with spikes.
June 26, 2011
SUNDAY Party over here! Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys and Lil Wayne are among the performers slated for "The BET Awards 2011. " Comic Steve Harvey and R&B legend Patti LaBelle receive special honors; Kevin Hart hosts. (BET, 8 p.m.) Whither Sookie? Our favorite semi-fairy (Anna Paquin) vanished in a flash of light in last season's finale of "True Blood. " But she'll be back, along with all the vampires and other groovy ghoulies, when the super-sexy supernatural drama returns.
November 24, 2010 | By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
Think of "Burlesque" as one ginormous music video theme party thrown by Christina Aguilera, with Cher in the house, plus boas, bustiers and dancing girls and about a thousand humongous Broadway-style showstoppers. Which is a far better way to consider "Burlesque" than thinking of it as a movie ? there, words fail. (Their words, not mine. I'm a long way from finished here.) But should you find yourself in the mood for Big Musical Numbers by the score rather than a film, there's a lot to like about "Burlesque.
November 13, 2010 | Chris Erskine
With Novemberfest now upon us, I'd like to remind you that you cannot bring food into our house without someone lunging for it: a sandwich, a blintz, a side of pork. What usually happens is you'll be sitting there reading the paper ? contentedly mumbling to yourself the way semi-sane people do ? and someone will stroll by and just take a huge bite of whatever you're eating. Particularly vulnerable are the Bay Cities sandwiches (on Lincoln in Santa Monica). Los Angeles is not really a great sandwich town, so when the lovely and patient older daughter brings by a gloppy Bay Cities sub, it's like the first day of deer season in Duluth.
October 31, 2010 | By Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times
Call him the accidental trendsetter. Costume designer Michael Kaplan's futuristic-noir look for "Blade Runner" inspired an Alexander McQueen fashion collection. His "Fight Club" designs were soon being paid tribute to by his designer friend Marc Jacobs as well as Donatella Versace. And then there were the slouchy, off-the-shoulder outfits in "Flashdance," which triggered a rabid '80s trend that still has some life left in it. So does this mean we might all soon be wearing feathered headdresses?
January 21, 2010 | By Lauren Beale
Update: Singer-actress Cher has auctioned her newly built home on three-quarters of an acre in the Hualalai Resort in Hawaii for $8.72 million. The unidentified buyer is from Arizona, according to Concierge Auctions, which handled the sale. Concierge had estimated before the sale that Cher's 8,821-square-foot luxury compound, which overlooks the ocean and a golf course, would go for between $8 million and $12 million. The Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner paid $2.9 million for the site in 2009.
January 2, 2010 | By LAUREN BEALE
Between performing in her lavish Las Vegas show and making movies, Cher still finds time to pursue her other passion: designing and decorating houses. The star's latest project is an 8,821-square-foot luxury compound she just completed in Kona, Hawaii, and plans to sell at auction Jan. 18. Although this is the first time the singer-actress has attempted to sell a residence by auction, she used the process to bring top dollar for the contents of her Malibu house in 2006, when she ended her Gothic Revivalist phase.
September 25, 2009 | Ben Bolch
The school's main office has a framed Life magazine cover showing alumna Lana Turner walking her dog. Its hallways are speckled with painted crimson stars featuring the names of other famous former students: Cher, Laurence Fishburne, Sarah Jessica Parker, the list goes on. But the biggest luminary on campus these days might be a bearded, thirtysomething man who doesn't exactly rule Tinseltown. He is, however, trying to fashion a Hollywood ending. Ceasar Sandoval has coached Hollywood High's football team to its first 3-0 start since 1990, a glittering accomplishment at a school known for excellence on the stage and failure on the gridiron.
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