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Child Development

July 11, 2005 | Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, Special to The Times
If the cliches about only children held true, the Gantt family of Sherman Oaks should be a psychodrama of selfishness, self-involvement and maladjustment. After all, Leanna and Bradley Gantt both are only children. And so is their daughter, Riley, who will be 5 in August.
Who knew kindergarten could be so complicated? As school gets underway this week, many parents of children with summer and fall birthdays are wringing their hands over whether the decision they made to hold Johnny back or push Suzy on was right. The angst is justified. Kindergarten readiness is a hot-button issue that brings into play economics, politics, parental pride, test scores, academic climate and much more.
July 14, 1995 | HOLLY J. WAGNER
The Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center of Orange County will offer training for Spanish-speaking volunteer parent aides in a special session Saturday. Aides will be trained to help Latino families in homes where an incident of child abuse has occurred or is at risk of occurring. The volunteers will act as role models, offering parents guidance in child development and care and positive parenting.
March 26, 2004
Re "A Plot to Zap the Nap," editorial, March 21: Childhood naps are more than "neat." They are developmentally necessary for young children. Tired 4-year-olds whine because they're not getting what their bodies and brains need. Andre Hornsby, a Maryland county school chief, and his pals are more than "airheads." They are dangerously ignorant of child development. Unfortunately, they are among a growing number of school administrators, principals and teachers who either know nothing about child development or blatantly disregard it for any number of frightening reasons.
March 28, 1989
The UC Irvine Child Development Center has received a $65,000 grant for a teaching and treatment program for children with hyperactivity and other behavioral disorders. The grant, from the Educational Foundation of America, will fund a program that began last year in cooperation with the Orange County Department of Education, which has involved more than 60 Irvine-area schoolchildren. The program teaches children social skills in group therapy and closely monitored classroom situations.
July 14, 2000
Paul H. Mussen, 78, a UC Berkeley professor who was a pioneer in child psychology and author of the influential text "Child Development and Personality." Born in Paterson, N.J., Mussen was in naval intelligence during World War II and got his PhD in psychology from Yale in 1949. He joined the Berkeley faculty in 1956 after teaching stints at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Ohio State University.
March 21, 1991
In an effort to cut $2.5 million from next year's budget, the Paramount Unified School District has notified 10 employees that their jobs may be eliminated. Four nurses, five child development teachers and the child development administrator have been sent notices that they will not be hired for the 1991-92 school year unless the district receives additional state funding. Supt. Richard B. Caldwell said the district intends to achieve most of the $2.
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