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Chinese Culture

November 29, 2013 | By Julie Makinen
China's box office through the first three quarters was up 35% from last year, with contemporary-themed Chinese films drawing particularly large audiences. Yu Dong, chief executive of Nasdaq-listed Chinese movie studio and distributor Bona Film Group, was in Los Angeles this month for the Asia Society's U.S.-China Film Summit and meetings with Hollywood partners, including Fox International Productions. We caught up with him to talk about the state of the market and his studio's plans for 2014.
September 5, 2009 | David Pierson
In the United States, video of a wedding party boogieing down the aisle was about to become a summer sensation on YouTube, viewed more than 20 million times. At the same time in China, the latest Internet obsession began with an anonymous post on a computer gaming forum: "Jia Junpeng, your mom is calling you to come home and eat." Was it a vexed parent hunting down her Internet-addicted child in cyberspace? A cheeky gamer poking fun at one of his buddies? Or simply an idler with a sense of humor?
March 5, 1997 | KIMBERLY BROWER
Parading around bright flags and cosmopolitan clothing, students celebrated their diversity Tuesday during International Week activities at Trabuco Hills High School. Chinese lion dances and a martial arts exhibition were all part of the day's multicultural education during two special assemblies. Students carried 40 flags representing the native lands of students on campus, from Canada and Costa Rica to Ghana and Germany.
November 8, 1990
In response to "For the Last Time, Darn It, I Am Not a Mail-Order Bride" (Campus Correspondents, Opinion, Oct. 21): I am sadly disappointed and repulsed to see such an article written by "American " Anne Kim. I am a senior at Birmingham High School. I, along with my parents and sister, emigrated to the United States from Taiwan when I was 4 years old. Like the author, I have been raised with a "a messy mix of MTV and McDonald's."
February 16, 1992 | Charles Solomon
The stories in this exceptional anthology suggest that the transition from traditional Chinese culture to Marxism has done little to improve the status of women. The authors describe the struggles that women must undergo in their efforts to find fulfillment in a career and/or love under a dehumanizing regime that regulates the most intimate details of life, reducing human feelings to so much paperwork.
March 10, 1986 | ELIZABETH LU, Times Staff Writer
When asked to translate "I got wonderful vibes" into Chinese during a trilingual church service Sunday, Elder Samuel Cheung was at a loss for words. Church members, representing three congregations attending a joint service of the Chinese Christian Alliance Church in Canoga Park, laughed good-naturedly, sympathizing with Cheung's predicament. The members, the majority of whom are Chinese, knew only too well how frustrating it is to struggle for the right expression in a second language.
For recent Asian immigrants and longtime Asian-Americans lining the streets of Alhambra and Monterey Park on Saturday, the first Chinese New Year parade to pass through both cities was much more than just an excuse to party. The celebration sponsored by the two San Gabriel Valley cities signaled an official recognition of the profound impact Chinese culture has had on the once-homogeneous bedroom communities.
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