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Chinese New Year

January 26, 2012
EVENTS It's the Year of the Water Dragon and Chinatown is set to celebrate one of the most vibrant and colorful animals in the Chinese zodiac in style. The 113th Annual Golden Dragon Parade will kick off a celebratory Chinese New Year weekend full of traditional arts, crafts, music and dance. Food trucks and cupcake wars will keep hungry bellies satisfied. Chinatown's Central and West plazas, 943-951 N. Broadway, L.A. 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sat., 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sun. Free. (213) 680-0243;
January 20, 2012 | By Barbara Demick and John Lee, Los Angeles Times
It is the television show that everybody watches and everybody loves to hate. On Sunday night, the eve of the Chinese New Year, a billion people could tune in for a ritual that is as deeply ingrained in the holiday tradition as watching the Rose Parade is for Americans. The show is CCTV's annual New Year's Gala, a five-hour pastiche of dancing, singing, comedy, magic tricks, propaganda and kitsch. CCTV claims that more than 90% of the Chinese population watches the show (more on that claim later)
January 17, 2012 | By Chris Erskine, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Marriott and Enterprise took two of the top honors in an annual poll of travel agents on suppliers and destinations they prefer. Marriott won for best hotel and resort chain and Enterprise for best domestic car rental company. Royal Caribbean was the top pick for best overall cruise line and Southwest was chosen best domestic airline. The poll of 113,000 agents was done for the trade magazine, Vacation Agent  . . . . Thinking of hiking Half Dome this summer? Note that permits will be required to ascend using the safety cables, the most popular route.
January 12, 2012 | By Chris Erskine, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
The Alaska National Guard has sent 60 troops, mostly to wield shovels, to the tiny fishing town of Cordova, which has been socked by 15 feet of snow, and with more on the way. The storm has already caused avalanches along Seward Highway, cutting off Anchorage from neighborhoods to the south and the ski area of Girdwood . . . . After six years, Las Vegas' version of "The Phantom of the Opera" is winding down. Show officials said this week that the last performance at the Venetian Hotel will be Sept.
January 2, 2012 | By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times
Barely a decade ago, Beijing bicyclists pedaled down alleys here lined with courtyard houses that had no indoor toilets. Now the alleys have been replaced by a wide avenue lined with Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce dealerships. In 2011, Chinese bought more Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces than anybody else in the world. In time for Chinese New Year this month, Rolls is unveiling a "Year of the Dragon" model with hand-embroidered versions of mythical animals on leather headrests.
December 18, 2011
SUNDAY 'Tis the season for the sixth-season finale of the serial-killer drama "Dexter," followed by the freshman-season finale of "Homeland. " Claire Danes and Damian Lewis star in the latter series, a conspiracy thriller for our post-Sept. 11 world. (Showtime, 9 and 10 p.m.) Romance of the nerds: The two-part special "Geek Love" spotlights Sci-Fi Speed Dating, a matchmaking service designed especially for the costume-clad Comic-Con crowd. So what time should my mom and I pick you up?
June 30, 2011 | By Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times
An El Monte man was sentenced to three years in state prison Wednesday in connection with a scheme to recruit hundreds of Chinese nationals and charge them for joining a phony Army Special Forces unit that he led as "supreme commander," Los Angeles County prosecutors said. Under the deal with prosecutors, Chinese national Yupeng "David" Deng pleaded guilty to three felony charges, including manufacturing deceptive government documents and counterfeiting a government seal, said Jane Robison, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.
February 20, 2011 | By Megan K. Stack and Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times
Li Guangqiang rises early and pulls on his sharpest city clothes: dark jeans fashionably distressed, puffy down coat, black pouch slung over one shoulder. An outfit carefully chosen to announce: I am not a farmer or a villager. Not anymore. Li's journey will be long, and he has no time to lose. Heading out into the dry, dirty cold of a Beijing winter, he rolls his suitcase along frozen canals the shade of curdled milk, through the warren of alleyways where he and other migrants sleep in makeshift shelters of concrete block walls and corrugated tin roofs.
February 10, 2011 | By Mary Forgione, Tribune Health
One way to help folks keep their new year's resolutions is to hold them accountable -- even if they're 8 or 9. That's what a children's museum in Maryland is doing as part of an ongoing monthly program to help kids and parents keep their healthy-eating promises. "A children's museum may seem an unlikely place to come to boost your health, but that makes it all the more effective," Nora Moynihan, director of education and community enrichment at Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore, says in this Baltimore Sun story . "We're a place that's not preachy about it. " So what do the kids think?
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