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March 4, 2003 | Elizabeth Shogren, Times Staff Writer
The EPA on Monday proposed overhauling guidelines for assessing whether chemicals or other substances pose cancer risks. The new procedures generally would permit higher exposure to the toxic substances, officials said. For the first time, the agency also proposed supplemental guidelines for gauging particular risks to children. Children are more susceptible to some toxic chemicals than adults. Environmental groups called the special guidelines for children a step in the right direction.
December 13, 1985
In the words of the Nov. 29 article by Diane Reischel, ". . . Actress Donna Mills, swathed in an ermine and Russian lynx coat . . . " is quoted as saying "I don't like the idea of animals being trapped" ("Furs for Men and Women Depart From Traditional"). So humane of her. Chances are, however, this is exactly the way her wrap was obtained. It appears that Mills prefers "ranched furs." Ranch brings to mind visions of playful days in some idyllic meadow under the warm sun, surrounded by the smell of sweet grasses.
November 2, 1986 | LOIS TIMNICK, Times Staff Writer
They were hardly errand lists, the yellow legal pad pages that turned up in Ron Levin's Beverly Hills duplex two months after his disappearance. On the top sheet, below the heading, "At Levin's TO DO," were listed 15 numbered items: "close blinds, scan for tape recorder, tape mouth, handcuff, put gloves on, explain situation, kill dog." The lists puzzled Levin's stepfather, who found and gave them to Beverly Hills detectives during a search of the apartment, he would later testify.
A man who claimed he was a physicist was arrested by campus police at Cal Poly Pomona early Wednesday after he was seen loitering around a building where a pipe bomb went off a day earlier, authorities said. Michael Joel Whitney, 35, of Moreno Valley in Riverside County, was wearing jeans, a sport coat and carrying two 12-inch daggers in scabbards around his waist when arrested.
August 29, 2013 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO -- A 29-year-old Michigan man was convicted of interstate stalking for plotting to kill a woman and her boyfriend after the woman's picture was used to engage him in a phony romance over the Internet. Brian Curtis Hile of Fremont, Mich., had been duped in a so-called cat-fishing scheme to believe he was having an online romance with a woman. "Romantic communications and explicit photographs" were exchanged, according to federal prosecutors. Among the photographs were pictures of his penis.
August 10, 2008 | Judith Freeman
HAS THERE ever been a more salacious subject than polygamy? The very thought of the harem -- one husband, three or four wives, or in the case of certain Mormon settlers, 15 or 20 -- sets the imagination perking. The first wife might be a seasoned crone of 70, the last a nubile lass of 13, and in between a veritable female stable.
November 26, 2013 | By James Bartlett
As you contemplate your blessings at Thanksgiving, here's one for which you can thank an Englishman: the toothbrush. That's just one of the things you'll learn at a small dental museum hidden in the upper-crust medical area of London. It's offbeat to be sure, but one you can, well, sink your teeth into. The British Dental Museum 's 20,000 items tell much of the history of the discipline, including the fact that William Addis, confined in Newgate jail after participating in a riot, was key to helping people embrace the brush.
April 13, 1986 | WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM, Times Staff Writer
When the call crackled over John Rondina's radio, the 20-year Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy scrunched his face in disbelief. "At first, you know how you say, 'Sure, sure. . . .' " But as he reached the usually quiet La Puente neighborhood around Inyo Street on Friday morning, the deputy found five or six strapping firefighters and a handful of frightened neighbors indeed being held at bay by a tiny gray squirrel. This was no docile, park-variety peanut eater, however.
July 19, 1989 | MARCIDA DODSON, Times Staff Writer
A sweeping ordinance, thought to be the most comprehensive law in the nation restricting the chlorofluorocarbons and other compounds destroying the globe's protective ozone layer, was passed Tuesday night by the Irvine City Council. The ordinance, approved 4 to 1, will affect businesses in the Orange County city that use or produce chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs.
January 22, 2009 | Associated Press
Slain Florida toddler Caylee Anthony's mouth was covered with silver duct tape that had been adorned with a heart-shaped sticker, according to reports released Wednesday. The reports released by the state attorney's office also said that duct tape was attached to her hair, and that the girl's remains were placed in a laundry-hamper bag and then secured in a plastic garbage bag before being left in the woods. When investigators processed the duct tape at an FBI lab in Quantico, Va.
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