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October 7, 1990
When I turn on the news, I want in-depth reporting and someone with intelligence doing the reporting. Among the three major network anchors, Dan Rather is my choice every night. Jim Kosner, Laguna Hills
March 31, 1996
Myron S. Crespin still does not get it when he compares "junk mail" to "junk news" in newspapers ("It's Unfair to Call It 'Junk Mail,' " Letters, March 10). It's choice. If I get a paper delivered every day, it's because I requested it. If I don't like it, I can cancel it. Give me the same choice with junk mail. Got it? JERRY BARNES Reseda
July 12, 2008
Brandon Jennings [July 10] is not a trend-setter, he ran out of options. To spin this as if he is helping mankind and pushing back at the NBA and the NCAA is almost laughable. He does not have a choice, because the choice he made was to work on his crossover while other kids did their homework. Jeff Wolf Encino
May 2, 1993
The Tailhook scandal, the Lakewood high scandal, the Hemet scandal--all are situations in which our society treats women as objects. We have been not only condoning this but encouraging it as free speech in our "Playboy" mentality. And sadly, what no one will admit--the biggest area of all where women are treated as objects is in the abortion chambers of America, where a woman's nature is violently assaulted by instruments of torture and poisons to kill the life her body is nurturing.
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