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Chris Taylor

February 13, 2005
Barf. I can't believe I read the whole thing ("The Incredible Journey," by Robert Salladay, Jan. 23). A $77,000 bonus, a demotion and a broken engagement, followed by a two-year, around-the-world tour and lucrative book and movie deals: This is upward failure at its most absurd. I kept waiting for the part where Franz and Kurt Wisner learn something about themselves (and maybe something about women, too) through their travels to foreign lands. And for the part where upon their return to the U.S., they endeavor to live more virtuous lives.
April 30, 2005
Re Judith Regan's move to L.A. ("Literary La-La Land," Opinion, April 24): Great. She's been wildly successful in New York, and she will be in L.A. too. Of course, L.A. is full of creative people, but if Regan is coming here for less hassle and more affordability, well, she and her staff haven't done their research. Given that "with the technology we have today" she "can work anywhere," she might consider looking elsewhere, like, for instance, Garden City, Kan., or Greenwood, Miss.
December 10, 2012 | By Chris O'Brien
Want to know why your wallet is being pinched so hard? You could turn to the usual suspects, like gas prices or government taxes.  But perhaps you should look a bit closer to home at all those shiny Apple products that line your shelves and pockets. A story from Reuters on Monday cites a report from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty that in 2011 the "average amount U.S. households spent on Apple products was $444. " According to the Huberty report, that number is up from $295 in 2010 and $150 in 2007.  The Reuters story by contributor Chris Taylor refers to this as the "Apple tax," noting:  "The analogy of an Apple tax might sound facetious, but think about it. Median U.S. household income was $50,054 in 2011, according to the Census Bureau.
November 7, 1996 | BILL BILLITER and JOHN POPE
The city's two new police officers, Chris Taylor and Tina Marlene Kelley, were introduced to city officials and the public at City Hall. Police Chief David S. Barr said Taylor and Kelley have good police experience and background. "We're extremely pleased to have them," Barr said. Taylor, 32, who grew up in Huntington Beach, graduated from Ocean View High and Golden West College's Police Academy.
September 17, 1997 | LONNIE WHITE
Being more aggressive offensively is something the Kings have spent a lot of time concentrating on in training camp. And, after opening with exhibition victories over San Jose and Colorado, Coach Larry Robinson said the team is vastly improved from last season. "That's what pleased me most," he said. "We had more guys going to the net in two games than we did all of last season."
November 14, 1996 | LUCILLE RENWICK
After months of conflicts that led to its suspension, the Parent Teacher Student Assn. has returned to Porter Middle School following a monthlong series of mediation talks among the school's principal, PTSA officials and district administrators. Ongoing conflicts between Porter Principal Sherry Breskin and school PTSA President Chris Taylor led to the group's suspension from the campus in August. PTSA members said the problems stemmed from Breskin's attempts to dictate PTSA actions.
September 4, 1993
CORONA DEL MAR 1992 RECORDS OVERALL LEAGUE 8-4-1 3-3-1 COACH: Dave Holland RECORD AT SCHOOL: 99-88-10 RETURNING STARTERS OFF DEF 4 8 TOP RETURNERS OFF DEF YR Jeff Borland, 6-3, 220 -- DE Sr. Bobby Fouladi, 6-0, 250 OG -- Sr. Scott Hardesty, 6-0, 205 -- LB Sr. Brian Hogan, 5-10, 175 -- CB Jr. Mickey Long, 6-5, 280 -- DT Sr. Matt Nichols, 6-0, 180 -- SS Sr. Scott Proud, 5-10, 165 -- FS Sr. Ben Sumner, 6-0, 265 OT -- Sr. Chris Taylor, 6-0, 205 -- LB Sr. J.R. Walz, 5-10, 180 RB -- Sr.
December 31, 1986
The disappearance of 7-year-old April Ann Cooper from a Temecula area campground this month has baffled investigators. "Right now we have absolutely no idea which way to go," Riverside County sheriff's Detective Chris Taylor said. April Ann was last seen Dec. 13, playing at the Woodchuck Campground, where she had lived with her mother, Debbie Hamilton. "We have not ruled out anything; we have not ruled out anyone (as a suspect)," Taylor said. "It is a total mystery."
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