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July 23, 1988
Given recent failures of certain TV evangelists, what better time to release such a film (and to make a buck) by treating the Lord of the universe as just another fallen Christian leader? DEWEY BAKER Oxnard
June 24, 1991
Congratulations to the Presbyterian Church on its victory in upholding 2,000 years of Christian moral teaching on matters pertaining to the right use of sex ("Presbyterian Vote Rejects Relaxing of Sex Sanctions," Part A, June 11). The Roman Catholic Church also continues to uphold the view that sex is a sacred and holy act, which is only valid for the Christian within the context of marriage. To those who would lightly disregard this view, I would like to point out that Christianity has always called for sacrifices from its true followers.
November 11, 1985
What those critics of the bishops and many others fail to realize is that the bishops, as Christians, tend to view things in what appears to be a rather narrow and unrealistic perspective. It's not a question of being a socialist, communist, liberal, conservative, or belief in free enterprise; but rather of having a Christian outlook and a Christian mentality concerning social issues. Christian teachings have always seemed impractical to the vast majority, and indeed they are if one considers politics, economics and material goods more important.
October 27, 1991
So Hayden is teaching a class on "Environment and Spirituality" and says he is using religion to change the way people vote on ecological issues? Oh wow! How many other people wouldn't just love to have such a forum to spread their religious ideas? Can anyone even imagine the outcry if a Christian tried to gain entree into a publicly funded school to teach a class on how to solve some of our problems using Christian principles as taught in the Bible? Is it unlawful to teach religion in our public schools or is it not?
March 1, 1992
My wife and I are Christian, but not fundamentalist. Our son, 12, is home schooled. Our daughter, 6, attends a public school. Our son was fast dropping through the cracks in public school. He scores high on achievement tests but public school teachers could not give him the personalized attention needed to keep him interested. The modern Christian home school doesn't differ much from those of the "free-thinking pioneers." Christian parents know that they cannot lie or keep vital information from their children.
March 24, 1996
Re "Losing Their Religion" (March 13): As a Christian, I applaud Baylor University for lifting its 150-year ban on dancing at the school. The view from both inside and outside the church has for too long been that God's law is nothing more than don't drink, don't dance. The Christian college is not secularized because dancing and drinking are in, but because clear teaching of God's law and the Gospel are out. JON SHIGEMATSU Los Angeles I think the solution to Christian higher education is for the churches to get out of it. What business do they have with educating people?
September 24, 1990
Goodman brings up a good point when questioning whether American women perceive any interest in defending a country like Saudi Arabia. But why stop there? Why should tens of thousands of Christians be called upon to defend and die for a country that not only will not permit a single Christian church to exist there, but which will use its official Islamic police force to brutally attack any Christian wishing to practice his or her religion? GREG FRY Culver City
April 21, 1991
The equation that gay equals AIDS is a product of TV programming. "The Hogan Family," "Designing Women" and several other shows have had characters who were "dear" friends but also were dying of AIDS. TV does not represent the many thousands of gay men and lesbians who do not lead a lifestyle that exposes them to AIDS. Wildmon and his 1,600 Christian leaders are not Christian at all but rather are wanna-be politicians who use ignorance to promote their own prejudices. DAVID JACKSON VAUGHN Hollywood
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