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October 12, 1991 | From Associated Press
Halloween is the witches' night out, a feast of death when spirits roam the Earth. Even as some real witches prepare to reconcile themselves with the dead in secret rituals on Oct. 31, there is a growing concern among some Christian groups that the road to satanic cults may be paved with cultural celebrations that take lightly witchcraft practices that are forbidden in the Bible. "It's a very real thing to a lot of people and it's growing," said the Rev.
February 25, 2001
Re the planned expansion of Our Lady Queen of Angels School and Church in Newport Beach: This neighborhood is already saturated with auto traffic from the schools, churches and residential density. Students at Our Lady Queen of Angels School are dropped off and picked up, resulting in hundreds of individual daily trips into the neighborhood. Corona del Mar High School has a student population of 1,791. Staff and students drive cars in and out of the neighborhood daily, adding to the congestion.
October 10, 2010 | By Sharon Davies
The mind-set is all too familiar: A radical religious group, lurking inside the country, owing loyalty to a foreign power, threatens America. No one denies that its members have a right to worship as they please, but good Americans, patriots, feel compelled to call for curbs against the menace they present. Because of the number of Americans sharing these fears, calls for restrictions on the religion are voiced openly and unapologetically, even proudly. Today this description may bring to mind the flap over the proposed Islamic cultural center near ground zero in New York, or recent calls for greater restrictions on Muslims in America, like banning their service on the Supreme Court or in the Oval Office.
June 23, 1990 | From Times wire services
The Reformed Church in America has launched a program that calls for creation of 98 new congregations by 1998. The program, called "98 by 98," was adopted at the 200,000-member denomination's 1990 General Synod, which just met.
March 15, 2006 | Arin Gencer, Times Staff Writer
With the Los Angeles Marathon just days away, area church leaders on Tuesday urged race organizers to hold next year's event on a day that does not conflict with any religious group's Sabbath. "Not just Sunday, but Saturday and Friday afternoons represent the special days for the major religious and faith traditions that are part of the Los Angeles community," said the Rev. Dr. Clyde W. Oden of Bryant Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church.
The Rev. Fred Price, pastor of the predominantly black Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, has severed long-standing ties to a leading white Pentecostal ministry in Oklahoma over the issue of interracial dating and marriage. During a series of sermons on racism that were broadcast last winter on his nationally syndicated TV program, Price played excerpts from a taped sermon by a minister who said that young white Christians should not date people of other races.
Twenty years ago, the Simi Valley families of Pastor Lyle Miller and Dale and Betty Johnson were close. They camped and spent vacations together, and by 1973, Miller had started young Jeff Johnson toward confirmation at Our Savior's Lutheran Church. But as much as it personally pains him because of past ties, Miller--now a bishop presiding over Lutheran churches in Northern California--is refusing to ordain seminary graduate Jeff Johnson, 27, to the ministry.
February 14, 1992 | From Associated Press
A drifter diagnosed as a schizophrenic has been indicted in 20 church fires in Florida and Tennessee, a prosecutor said Thursday. U.S. Atty. Ken Sukhia would not discuss a motive or what evidence linked Patrick Lee Frank, 41, to the fires. Many small Florida churches had hired guards or installed alarms amid a rash of 50 unsolved fires, which began in April, 1990, and ceased after Frank's Nov. 13 arrest in Ocala on unrelated trespassing, loitering and prowling charges.
May 2, 1991 | SHANNON SANDS
For hundreds of thousands of disabled Southern Californians, going to church is not as simple as darting across the parking lot, sliding into a pew and opening their ears and hearts to the word of God. They need wheelchair ramps, handicapped parking spaces, sign-language interpreters or simple messages, depending on their disability.
December 18, 1993 | from Religious News Service
A Christian research organization that tracks trends in religious giving says the institutional church in America might be dead within 200 years, but some prominent religious researchers say reports of the church's demise are greatly exaggerated. A report from empty tomb inc., of Champaign, Ill., falls short of flatly predicting the end of local congregations and denominational bureaucracies. But it warns that church giving patterns point in that direction.
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