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June 19, 1992
What law school did Rodriguez go to? To say everybody of similar heritage should think alike is a throwback to the racists politics that brought us to this mess. It is time to recognize we are all individuals and not lump people together for convenience. It is Gloria Molina's individual chutzpah that would make her a great candidate for mayor. STUART RAPEPORT Los Angeles
June 21, 2001
In "Desperately Seeking Political Protection" (Opinion, June 17) we read of the coming barrage against Gov. Gray Davis by the Republican propaganda machine. On June 18 we read George Skelton's "These Flacks Are Costly, Mercenary--and Good" and The Times' editorial, "Small Waste, Big Pain," condemning Davis for hiring professional people to combat the spin masters of the right wing and the energy masters of the country. Neither Skelton nor the editorial has the chutzpah to address the validity of Davis' attack on the money changers who, by the way, are bleeding the U.S. into a depression.
August 1, 1985
I was both amused and outraged at the piece by Kondratas. Homelessness is a critically serious problem for a large number of people in our country. By the nature of the problem, it is very difficult to get an exact count on the problem. However, those public and private agencies that try to serve the needs of the homeless agree that the problem has mushroomed since the Reagan depression of 1981-82. It is clear that regardless of what the correct number of homeless is, most cities and agencies are overwhelmed by the problem.
November 8, 2009
Re: David Lazarus' consumer column "Business leaders' healthcare stand takes chutzpah," Nov. 1: Evidently Lazarus believes that corporations don't need profits to provide jobs, maintain bank relations, afford inventory, satisfy shareholders and pay taxes to fund local, state and federal governments. Business leaders face these challenges daily and should be the ones we look to for advice on how healthcare relates to business. If you don't want to hear from them, then at the very least don't support laws that require them to provide this service at their cost.
October 15, 2006
Hollywood does steal, at times unknowingly ("If You Think Your Idea Was Stolen, Think Again," by Ian Gurvitz, The Rules of Hollywood, Oct. 1). All it takes is one unethical producer and a roomful of unwitting participants. Major studios may not know the origins of an idea or, in my case, an entire script. Bring it to their attention, prove it, and they do what's right. Call it chutzpah, insanity or a mixture of both, but I took 'em on and won. The experience was nasty. It battered my soul.
September 10, 2004
Re "Cheney Warns of Risk if Rivals Win," Sept. 8: On the day when the U.S. military death toll in Iraq reached 1,000, revealing the administration's monumental misjudgment and incompetence, the vice president has the audacity to charge that a vote for the Kerry/Edwards ticket would be risky. Is there no limit to the chutzpah and perfidy of the Bush/Cheney administration? The vice president may have no choice but to defend the indefensible. But we should not be fooled. Naidu Permaul Pacific Palisades Cheney has warned that electing John F. Kerry president would make the U.S. more vulnerable to a terrorist attack, but is the administration prepared to guarantee that there will be no further attacks on the country if it is reelected?
February 3, 2002
During the 1991 Gulf War, President Bush Sr. famously said, "What we say goes." This hubris is echoed by Edward Bernard Glick ("So What If They Hate the U.S.?" Commentary, Jan. 31). In congratulatory remarks about the attractiveness of America to immigrants he ignores a basic and near-universal fact: the sharp, polar distinction between other peoples' views of America as a land and a people and their reaction to the foreign policies of the American government. My wife and I have done a good bit of unescorted travel in Muslim countries.
I can see you're making music 'cause you carry a guitar, But God help the troubadour who tries to be a star. --Phil Ochs * Time will tell whether Jason Feddy should have heeded Phil Ochs' admonition. Feddy, a British singer-songwriter, unsigned and unknown, is in the midst of a U.S. tour in which he hopes to strum Ochs' fabled "chords of fame." His bold adventure brings him to the Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano tonight and to the Larson House Recovery Home in Garden Grove on Friday.
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