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August 9, 2000 | MIKE DOWNEY
"Because I am a Catholic and no Catholic has ever been elected president, it is apparently necessary for me to state once again not what kind of church I believe in--for that should be important only to me--but what kind of America I believe in." --John F. Kennedy, 1960 "Dear Lord, maker of all miracles, I thank you for bringing me to this extraordinary moment in my life." --Joseph I.
May 8, 2000 | GEORGE SKELTON
California the big chump! That's how we must look to some Republican muckey-mucks who want us to get back at the end of the line in the presidential nominating process and stay there. They're actually serious about this. These party pooh-bahs are trying to sell the GOP--and California--on a new "reform" that would empower all the tiny states and chain the gorillas, even a 900-pounder. In their scheme, the smallest states would hold primaries first, in early March.
When it comes to travel, I have two role models, both women over 65. One, an old college friend of my mother's, never leaves the house without looking perfectly turned out, from her matching handbag and pumps to her artfully arranged scarf, secured by a brooch. She chooses her words carefully and speaks clearly. I couldn't imagine her ever losing her composure or raising her voice. When she travels, she usually gets her way with ticket agents, hotel receptionists and restaurant maitre d's.
January 17, 2000
Josephine Botello Garcia ("For Love of Learning," Jan. 2) and I have a lot in common in spite of the fact that I'm "a nice Jewish girl from the Bronx." In my late 40s, I was suddenly a single mother of three, teaching painting in my dining room for about $400 a month and needing to take some giant steps toward finding a career to support all of us. I had 10 college credits, a lot of life experience and, most of all, chutzpah (nerve). I attended an orientation meeting at Antioch University Los Angeles, intending to beg my way into its bachelor's program.
March 29, 1999
What private entrepreneurs wouldn't like public funds to expand their profit-making operations? Certainly they would all claim it's good for the community. Tax money should be used as promised: to feed the hungry, mend the sick, improve educational facilities, eradicate crime, pave torn-up streets. The NFL'S chutzpah is beyond belief! HERMAN BERMAN Sherman Oaks
April 26, 1996 | F. KATHLEEN FOLEY
Jaffe Cohen is a comedian's comedian, one with plenty of wit and unerring comic timing. A gay Jew, Cohen has a hybrid style of humor--part Borscht Belt, part quiche belt, with a belt of new age thrown into the mix. Cohen was born and bred in Brooklyn--until the neighborhood went into decline and his family moved to a primarily Catholic enclave on Long Island.
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