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October 8, 2009 | Mark Medina
If this had happened a month ago, the San Francisco Chronicle and city officials would have been another party skewered in Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction speech. The newspaper published photos Tuesday of Jordan smoking a cigar during a practice round at Harding Park, despite the city's ban on smoking on public golf courses. City officials asked the PGA Tour to remind Jordan he can't smoke while being an honorary assistant at the Presidents Cup. "It was sort of a gentle nudge reminding them that smoking is illegal and that we would appreciate their support," Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg told the Chronicle.
September 27, 2009 | Joel Pett
Forget the 5-cent cigar -- what this country needs is more high-level international meetings on intractable and divisive long-term problems. Americans were riveted by the global warming summit, the president's appearance at the United Nations and the G-20 economic forum. OK, not so riveted, but cartoonists took note. Rob Rogers expressed his hometown hosting pride, Signe Wilkinson reminded us of the rough international company we keep, and I went ballistic over rising tides. Say ... don't cigars emit greenhouse gases anyway?
April 2, 2009 | Christi Parsons and Henry Chu
They mingled cordially and dined on Scottish salmon, and not a single person stormed out of the dinner of world leaders at the British prime minister's home late Wednesday. In fact, the place cards even seated President Obama next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who just a few hours earlier had dissed the American plan to rescue the global economy.
March 15, 2009 | Derek Gatopoulos, Gatopoulos writes for the Associated Press.
Greek households are cutting expenses and spending less time at restaurants and hair salons. But one local luxury is defying the downturn: hand-rolled cigars. Business is good at Domenico Cigars, a tiny factory in central Greece that got its cigar seeds and secrets from Cuba. Greece's unlikely cigar industry got its start five years ago in Domenico, in a valley 185 miles northwest of Athens, where conditions are ideal -- hot and damp. Last year saw a record for output -- still a modest 70,000 cigars.
March 3, 2009 | Patrick McGreevy
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last year received more than $32,000 in gifts, including a Mongolian shield, a bronze bust of a California condor, a replica of a high-speed train, antique dumbbells and lots of wine and cigars. In a disclosure report filed annually by elected officials, the jet-setting governor said the gift-givers included Prince Karim Aga Khan (a clock), Mexican President Felipe Calderon (cigars), Chilean Ambassador Mariano Fernandez (a book) and film director Chris Columbus (wine).
February 3, 2009 | Louis Sahagun
Long Beach is about to consider a rare step to ease anti-smoking rules. At a time when cities nationwide are banning smoking in public places from bars to beaches, the Long Beach City Council today will consider a proposed amendment to its no-smoking ordinance that would exempt cigar lounges and hookah bars.
July 18, 2008 | Mary Rourke, Times Staff Writer
Cigars were all that Gilberto Leon sold at Leon Cigars, the small shop where he spent six days a week. He didn't speak much English, and most of his customers didn't speak Spanish, but when he died Monday, a sign on the shop door gave the details of his funeral. After 29 years at the same location on 6th Street near Western Avenue, many of his customers considered him a good friend.
July 14, 2008 | Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer
His face is a triptych of granite-like features. When the camera focuses on Ron Perlman, it captures, with clarity, the sum of his distinguished parts -- the lantern jaw, the deep-set eyes and the high, square forehead. Perlman is 6 feet 2, which hardly conveys the berth he has occupied on-screen over the years, in movies like 1982's "Quest for Fire," where he played a Neanderthal, and 1995's surrealist French film "City of Lost Children," where he was a tender circus strong man.
June 25, 2008 | Kim Murphy, Times Staff Writer
In the smoke-filled rooms of backroom politics here, it was only natural that a cigar case with a storied past would become convenient fodder for scandal.
December 30, 2007 | Mark Heisler
SACRAMENTO -- What rivalry? The Celtics are coming, all right, and they're no obligatory preseason feel-good story anymore but their old green monster selves. Early as it is, Boston, with a 25-3 record, looks less like the merely great Larry Bird teams of the '80s than the all-conquering Bill Russell teams that dispatched the Jerry West-Elgin Baylor Lakers in six NBA Finals in the '60s.
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