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October 13, 1985
A recent edition of The Times included a mail-in survey for readers to fill out. While some of the questions in it dealt with the Calendar section, none were really directed at the true Calendar reader. Here is a short survey tailored just for them: 1--Would you like the letters printed in the Calendar to be (circle one) (a) a lot more inane; (b) more inane; (c) just as inane; (d) less inane; (e) a lot less inane; (f) semi-intelligent? 2--Would you like to see more letters on (circle as many as you wish)
April 2, 2001
My heart was aching after reading about the slaughter of endangered sea turtles by Bali natives (March 28). It is no wonder that the world continues to perpetuate misery, pain and suffering among its human inhabitants. Until our circle of compassion includes all living creatures, we will never find peace with our fellow man or within ourselves. JAY KARELIUS Granada Hills
August 14, 2013 | By Carolyn Kellogg
As a general rule, by the time August rolls around, publishers have announced all their fall books. But there are always exceptions to rules, and Dave Eggers is an exception. Eggers has a new novel, "The Circle," coming out in October, news of which was kept quiet until the N.Y. Times spotted it Tuesday. "Dave Eggers is perfecting the art of sneaking onto bookshelves," John Williams wrote , noting that Eggers' 2012 novel " A Hologram for the King " was published less than a month after it was announced by publishing house McSweeneys, which the author founded.
March 19, 1995
On behalf of United We Circle, I would like to thank you for your article about the St. Patrick's Day Rally and March to reclaim Ireland for the Goddess (Westside Watch, "Alternative Celebration," March 5). United We Circle is an organization composed of members of the LA Wiccan religious community. Our purpose is to combat negative images and myths perpetuated in our culture about Wiccan, and to educate the public about our beliefs and practices. This was one of the purposes of our gathering on March 17. With continued education and understanding, we hope that the day will come when religious diversity is celebrated throughout our land.
June 15, 2004
Re "This Dog's Way With Words Turns Fetch Into Child's Play," June 11: My daughter had a mixed breed (mostly Scottish terrier) named Woolloomooloo (Woo for short), named after a Sydney, Australia, suburb. Eight or more of us would sit in a circle, throw a ball to Woo, then tell him, "Take the ball to Adam" or "Take the ball to Nina." He invariably dropped the ball before the correct person. Hard to believe, but he knew everybody's name. Jean Desmond Rancho Palos Verdes
November 22, 2008
Re: "Jefferson, His Slave Mistress and the Antebellum South" [by Glen Speer, Nov. 14]. As one who has studied the life of Thomas Jefferson and portrayed him professionally across the nation for 18 years, may I offer another perspective to your review? Annette Gordon-Reed's book "The Hemingses of Monticello" is built on the premise that Jefferson fathered all seven of Sally Hemings' children. That has not and probably cannot be proven. The DNA testing of a decade ago narrowed the paternity of just one of Sally's children to a circle of Jefferson males, of whom Thomas was only one. That circle has been described as being as small as seven men, larger than 24 and several numbers in between.
September 10, 2012 | By Paul H. Robinson
It can sometimes take a tragedy to reveal a truth. Who does not remember where they were on Sept. 11 when they heard that the towers had come down? But terrible times also can provide insight that might otherwise never come. In 2001, I was teaching in Chicago. My main break from work was frequent participation in a daily pickup soccer game that I stumbled onto soon after arriving in town. It was a virtual United Nations, with players from Argentina, Russia, Germany, Iran, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Brazil, Poland, Korea, China and Mexico.
November 12, 2000
Re "God Took Him Away," (Nov. 6): The article regarding the funeral rites for Fuad Memon was certainly a local news story, but your writer crossed the line by making it a point to remind the family that Memon would have been spared the fatal trip home, had it not been for the pleadings of his daughter. This was a little girl who missed her daddy. She and her family will have to live with the pain of their loss, but to make it a point to lay culpability for Memon's choice to return home early at the feet of this child is outrageous.
November 29, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
There it was, just sitting in the Sheyenne River - a perfect circle of ice, about 50 feet in diameter, gently rotating in the water. George Loegering's discovery of the huge ice disk last Saturday has been a big hit over the Web after his video of the phenomenon went viral. "It's an amazing wonder," Loegering, 73, of Casselton, N.D., said in the video, which was reproduced by the Associated Press. "I don't have a clue how it did it, but that thing is rotating, as you can see. " A National Weather Service hydrologist and a weather service meteorologist told the Associated Press that the ice circle could be attributed to the cold, dense air that collected over North Dakota last week - nothing nefarious.
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