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Cities Budget

June 19, 1996 | HOPE HAMASHIGE
If there is a problem with the $73-million budget passed Monday by the City Council, it is that the city has been too conservative about the amount of money available to spend this fiscal year. "We will bring the budget up again in August," Mayor Joe Erickson said, "because we expect to have a lot more revenue than we think now."
June 21, 1996 | MIMI KO CRUZ
The City Council this week approved a balanced $108.5-million budget for fiscal 1996-97 that includes some new fees and a diversion of funds from housing programs to street improvements. The council transferred $200,000 from the city's Community Development Block Grant funds that had been earmarked for housing rehabilitation programs. The budget also contains new fees and increases in some existing levies.
March 12, 1996 | JEFF KASS
Residents and businesses would see some fee increases, and 30 city positions would be eliminated under the budget being proposed for fiscal 1996-97. The $120-million budget plan, presented for the first time at a City Council study session last week, would take steps to close a projected $10-million deficit caused by revenue losses, including a $1-million drop in property taxes because of declining values.
May 2, 1996 | LESLEY WRIGHT
City spending will rise just a fraction in fiscal 1996-97, according to a preliminary budget presented by the city manager this week. The city could keep the proposed budget of $49.3 million close to last year's budget of $49.1 million by leaving some vacant jobs unfilled and using more contract workers, City Manager David L. Rudat said. Residents will not see any increase in taxes, fees or rates, Rudat said, and should not notice any drop in services if a City Hall reorganization goes well.
August 10, 1995 | CHRISTINA LIMA
This year's budget for the city of Santa Paula has dropped $1 million compared to last year, and it is expected to drop another $600,000 next year. If this trend continues, many city services will suffer and residents may be deprived of having their own 911 dispatchers and clean streets, City Manager Arnold Dowdy said. "If the amount of revenues doesn't increase, it's going to get harder and harder to do the things that citizens want us to do," Dowdy said.
The City Council will hold a public workshop tonight to review its proposed $67.4-million budget, which includes $17.7 million for a program to repair city streets, sewers and parks. "It's the largest capital improvement project the city has entered into," said City Manager Mike Parness. The budget includes a proposal to create an assessment district to help fund repair of the worst streets in the city, such as parts of Avenida Presidio and Avenida Cabrillo.
June 17, 1995 | STEVE RYFLE
The Glendale City Council on Tuesday will continue hammering out the details of the city's $330 million 1995-96 budget. City officials say Glendale's budget outlook has continued to improve slowly but steadily from the recessionary problems of 1992-93, when dwindling revenues forced the city to lay off a handful of employees and cut services. This year's budget, though $2.
The City Council tonight will review its proposed $12.8-million annual operating budget at a public hearing. The budget is almost 4% higher than last year's, mostly because of increases in police services and street and park maintenance, City Manager Stephen B. Julian said. The city will pay about $132,000 more this year--a total of about $4.3 million--for police services for which it contracts with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
July 1, 1995 | FRANK MESSINA
About $7.7 million will be spent to spruce up the city under a two-year budget approved by the City Council this week. The capital improvement fund will pay for neighborhood park development, improved recreation programs and a community center for the 4-year-old city. "The county left us pretty bare" of public facilities, Councilwoman Cindy Greengold said. "And that's why we became incorporated. . . . Now we're bearing the fruits of being independent." About $1.
May 7, 1995
Residents may learn about this year's proposed Los Angeles city budget during a meeting hosted by Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg on Thursday. Goldberg will answer questions about the budget and discuss how it will affect the 13th Council District. The district includes Silverlake, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Temple-Beverly and Hollywood. "How the City Is Spending Your Money" will be from 7 to 9 p.m. at Glenfeliz Elementary School, 3955 Glenfeliz Blvd., Atwater.
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