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Claremont Graduate School

May 18, 1986
The Claremont Graduate School held its 59th annual commencement exercises Saturday at 3 p.m. in Bridges Auditorium. Degrees: 234 diplomas awarded, including 64 doctoral and 170 master's degrees. Speaker: Jovito R. Salonga, chairman of the Commission on Good Government for the Philippines. "We know the future will not be easy, but there is one factor that will tide us over--our faith in ourselves and our willingness to shape our own destiny." Honorary Degrees: Salonga, doctor of laws. Erik C.
May 15, 1986 | JESSE KATZ, Times Staff Writer
Responding to what administrators say are issues of morality, not money, trustees of Pitzer College and the Claremont Graduate School have voted to withdraw investments from companies that do business in South Africa. The two schools, which are governed independently, are the only members of the six-college Claremont cluster to divest themselves of funds from firms with South African ties.
February 20, 1986
With $30 million already pledged, the Claremont Graduate School has officially begun a fund-raising drive to expand the school's faculty, campus facilities and student financial aid. President John D. Maguire said Claremont's first fund-raising campaign, with a goal of $50 million, was inspired in large part by the school's 40% growth over the last 10 years. Maguire said that campus facilities "haven't stayed up with that growth."
April 28, 1985
When I was handling public information for the Claremont Graduate School I just smiled through my tears when newspapers fouled up our name. But now that I've retired, I'll snarl a bit. In the otherwise splendid article, "Peter Drucker: Guiding Light to Management" (April 14) Drucker was identified as a professor at "Southern California's Claremont College." There is no institution called Claremont College. Drucker works for the Claremont Graduate School. It is one of the Claremont Colleges (there are six)
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