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November 28, 1992
The Deacon-KUSC article is one more reminder of how badly this once-fine station has deteriorated. In becoming personality-oriented in an effort to avoid being "stuffy," Smith and his colleagues have forgotten that people who love good music listen to a classical-music station for the music. Good music has spoken for itself over the centuries and needs no help from people in love with the sounds of their own voices. Pithy, cogent comment, delivered with wit and intelligence--such as we get from Jim Svejda--is always welcome, but dissertations on cooking rutabagas or a description of a drive down Sunset Boulevard are an exasperating distraction.
November 30, 1997 | Justin Davidson, Justin Davidson is the staff music writer at Newsday
Yo-Yo Ma, the most visible cellist of his generation, sits cocooned inside the ostentatious privacy of a long, white limousine that glides away from the Watergate Hotel in Washington. There is a stack of newspapers on the leather seat next to him, but Ma ignores both the photo of himself in the Washington Post, taken at last night's White House dinner for Chinese President Jiang Zhemin, and the one on the front page of the Baltimore Sun. He is talking about the Kalahari Desert.
March 13, 2007 | From Bloomberg News, the world's biggest online retailer, will start a separate website dedicated to classical music. Classical music was the second-fastest growing music category at in 2006, the Seattle-based company said. A dwindling number of music stores and shrinking classical-music sections increased demand on its website, the company said.
July 22, 1989
So after spending $55 million to purchase classical station KFAC-FM, Evergreen Media Corp. is now contemplating a format change to rock music in order to raise profits. What did it think it was buying--a pro basketball team? Will Los Angeles become the only major city with no classical station? JEORGIA MOORE Hacienda Heights The latest of Claudia Puig's articles on KFAC and classical-music broadcasting is on Page 1 of today's Calendar.
September 17, 1989
The word that stands out in Bernheimer's article is embarrassment, which he uses to describe the fact that "there will be no commercial (classical-music) radio station in Los Angeles." Let's face it, L.A. is not a sophisticated city. It's a beach town with all the name entails. Angelenos' idea of culture is eating designer pizza and getting tickets for "Les Miz" or "Phantom." YOLANDA KRELL Los Angeles
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