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April 12, 1997 | LONNIE WHITE
The Kings held their final practice of the season Friday at Iceoplex in North Hills and it is more than likely that Coach Larry Robinson will return next season, even though he has a clause in his contract that gives him the option to step down after Sunday's final game at Colorado. "What is there to be uptight or upset about?
December 16, 2001
Transportation officials are learning a lesson that consumers have long known: Some bargains can wind up being not only more expensive but filled with miles of buyer remorse. In the case of the 10-mile stretch of the Riverside Freeway from east Anaheim to the Riverside County line, the remorse is in not using public funds to build that stretch of freeway in the first place. And it's in the need now to try to buy a solution to the traffic woes that initial decision created.
November 5, 1997 | Associated Press
Texas Coach John Mackovic's contract reportedly doesn't allow for a buyout, but it does provide for him to be reassigned within the athletic department should school officials remove him as coach, the Austin American-Statesman reported. There has been mounting speculation that university alumni might raise the money--$1.8 million--to buy out the remaining three years of the contract of the embattled coach, whose Longhorns are 3-5 and tied for last in the South Division of Big 12 Conference.
January 2, 2004 | Larry Stewart, Times Staff Writer
Kobe Bryant is expected to explore the free-agent market during the off-season. One rumor is that he may end up playing for the Clippers. "I have no idea if Bryant is guilty or innocent," writes Mike Downey in the Chicago Tribune of Bryant's pending sexual assault trial. "But if he is willing to be a Clipper, his lawyers could argue temporary insanity."
December 17, 2006 | KENNETH TURAN
IN terms of what appears on-screen, the movie business is famously apolitical. The philosophy expressed in the celebrated quotation "if you want to send a message, use Western Union" is so widespread it's been attributed to both Samuel Goldwyn and Jack Warner. The year just ending, however, proved an exception to that rule. It's not just that, with "United 93" and "World Trade Center," the movie business finally got around to dealing with the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
September 27, 2003 | Sam Farmer
Paul Tagliabue made a stunning admission two weeks ago, something that took a lot of guts for the NFL commissioner. He acknowledged the existence of the Los Angeles Coliseum. Furthermore, he said league staffers had actually spoken to Coliseum officials. This qualifies as news, considering NFL team owners have viewed the stadium the way they might a piece of used bubble gum under their Italian loafers.
April 18, 1985
Last week AirCal made airline history. It didn't set a speed record. Or carry more passengers than any other airline. It made news with a success story that was unusual even for economically sound Orange County. The story began back in 1982, when AirCal lost $35.6 million and things were going from bad to worse. The company was in trouble, and going down. It had to lighten the load somehow in order to survive. It laid off 700 people, more than one-third of its total work force.
December 4, 1999
So Scott Boras just wanted to make sure Adrian Beltre got through his first full season in the majors without any distractions. Right. Any fool who believes that also must believe that Bill Clinton is a man of honor and virtue, that the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny do exist, and that Elvis is alive and well as a pilot for United Airlines. GREG GARNET Canoga Park
December 23, 1993
Regarding Guy Carozzo's letter about belief in Santa Claus (Dec. 12); children should not be deceived. You don't have to tell them everything, but please do not ever lie to a child. Tell them from the start that Santa is a "game" that just about everybody plays. Tell them it is "fantasy." At the age when Santa is so pleasurable, they will not know the meaning of game or fantasy, but they will feel like they were in the know all the time when they finally catch on and will want to continue the "game" with smaller children.
April 30, 1996
Re "A Gagged Physician Cannot Fully Serve the Patient," editorial, April 21: There is probably widespread sympathy with your editorial relative to HMO versus physician. You just didn't present both sides. While covered under a private medical plan, it was discovered that my physician was part-owner in a surgery center. A simple procedure he previously performed in his office for about $75 suddenly became justification for the center at a cost of over six times that amount. At 20% co-insurance, my out-of-pocket cost increased in proportion.
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