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October 18, 1997
To all of you Anti-Simersites: Lighten up! Last time I checked, football was still just a game. T.J., you are clever, funny and more often than not--accurate. Keep up the good work! MICKEY McLAY Lake Forest
August 25, 1991
While flipping the channels on Saturday evening I came upon a nostalgic and interesting program, "Memories: Then & Now" (KNBC Channel 4). Its outstanding co-hosts, clever approach and subject matter will certainly lead me to a return visit down "memory lane." Gary Traxler, North Hollywood.
February 17, 1996
Did anyone in Calendar think that the headline "From Brave to Bacon" (Feb. 14) might be a bit insensitive considering the spirit of the movie "Babe"? Was it supposed to be clever? It doesn't take a vegetarian to know that it was stupid. BILL DYER Venice
July 13, 1991
Quotas: By nominating Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, President George Bush is trying to fill two quotas: one for the blacks and the other for a minority conservative Republican. Very clever! RAJEN S. ANAND Chairman Indo-American Political Assn. Westminster
December 29, 1985
The TV version of "Alice in Wonderland" could have been a treat instead of a debauchery of the beauty and finesse of Lewis Carroll's imagination. For Hollywood writers and producers to think they had to embellish on his clever story by adding a fearsome dragon was ridiculously incongruous. Ruth K. Norris, West Covina
March 31, 1991
"War of the Rap Egos" belonged in the business section. Since the first clever rap song way back, everything has been corporate clones for cash. This is a business ego-war. HAL JEPSEN Malibu
November 2, 1985
I really enjoyed Ginsburg's clever little satire. Although I must admit it had me going at first. What a really clever guy! Started out as a total wimp, but with five different kinds of chemical warfare canisters in his hands, he became the virtual "Rambo" of the garage jungle! I was especially impressed, in Jerry's little send-up, by the subtle way he appeals to our cultural hubris: All of life's problems--except our nationwide system of Love Canals--can be easily and quickly resolved by squirting a bunch of chemicals around.
January 5, 1986
Congress is very clever! It passes legislation to eliminate the deficit. Now the members are heroes back home. They have solved the most pressing problem of the day. But have they? Odds are the Gramm-Rudman Act is unconstitutional. Lawyers are putting together lawsuits to prevent Gramm-Rudman from ever being implemented. If these lawsuits fail (I doubt they will), the President, not Congress, takes the blame for cutting popular programs. If the people in Congress can be so clever and make it look as if they solved the deficit problem, why can't they cleverly solve it, and make it look like they are not the bad guys?
October 17, 1993
Only Paul McCartney would be conceited enough to think of using a classic album cover made famous by his old group and superimposing a picture of himself on it for his new record (Pop Eye, Sept. 26). Excuse me, but isn't that plagiarism? Don't George and Ringo have any say in his using of the "Abbey Road" cover? He acts as if the Beatles consisted of just Paul McCartney. It's a clever idea and all, but wouldn't it be novel to write some great songs, let go of the band members who are just there to be there and then not have to come up with clever CD covers?
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