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Cliff May

March 15, 2014 | By Lauren Beale
The John Arnholt Smith Hacienda, with its classic walled courtyard design, an olive orchard and an aviary, sits on what was once part of an early ranch. Handcrafted masonry, heavy timbers and wide corridors evoke the look of the California missions. Location: 760 Via Miguel, La Habra Heights 90631 Asking price: $3 million Year built: 1936 Architect: Cliff May House size: Four bedrooms, five bathrooms, 4,664 square feet Lot size: 2.4 acres Features: Library/study, wine cellar, breakfast area, service entrance, detached four-car garage, lawn, gardens, patios, swimming pool, mountain, city and ocean views About the area: Last year, 554 single-family homes sold in the 90631 ZIP Code at a median price of $425,000, according to DataQuick.
December 4, 2003 | John Balzar, Times Staff Writer
Hold back the sneer and join in wishing happy birthday to the rancher -- that all-American, all-Californian house that has sheltered us for so long. Low-slung and under-sung, the ranch house is where so many of us live, or have lived, or where our families reside, or where our friends grew up. By countless repetition and endless variation, the rancher, more than any other dwelling, embodies the abiding Southern California dream of the universal, egalitarian, single-family home. Plain?
If these buildings last as long as those of the ancient Incas and Mayans, future archeologists might someday be plumbing the remnants of a series of huge, handsomely appointed structures scattered throughout Orange County. Mostly in the southern half of the county, these structures would be found situated like major temples in the midst of vast green parklands.
December 27, 2008 | Sean Mitchell
No sooner can you get out the words "best houses in Southern California" than hands will go up asking what that means, reflecting the subjectivity for compiling such a list.
He didn't set out to erect a new landmark on the Westside. In fact, those who know him say that rocket scientist-turned financial wizard Dennis A. Tito is not the flamboyant type. But there it is, a 30,000-square-foot mansion alone on a hilltop in Pacific Palisades that overlooks, well, just about everything, from Santa Monica Bay to the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains. Even among local residents somewhat used to seeing mega-homes being built by the rich and famous, the place turns heads.
With its riding trails and streets like country lanes, the low-key Brentwood neighborhood of Sullivan Canyon has attracted horse-riding homeowners and Hollywood luminaries for years. The homes, just off busy Sunset Boulevard, boast corrals and split-rail fences more typical of a rural community than the city.
November 26, 2012 | By Jim Puzzanghera
WASHINGTON -- Billionaire Warren Buffett said raising taxes on the wealthy won't stop them from investing and called on policymakers to boost rates for income over about $500,000. Buffett has been a staunch ally of President Obama on boosting taxes on high-income earners. But the Oracle of Omaha did not back Obama's push to raise taxes on income above $250,000, saying he preferred a "somewhat" higher cut-off point. Still, Buffett derided suggestions that increasing tax rates, includint those on capital gains, would keep people from pursuing potentially lucrative investment opportunities and "stuffing their ample funds under their mattresses.
July 23, 1988
Architects who have contributed to the Los Angeles of 1988 must have been offended by the tone of Scott Harris' article for it has little praise for our architectural heritage, and lots of gushing about out-of-town chi-chi architects. From a Cultural Affairs commissioner's belief that "there are precious few buildings that one can point to with pride," at the beginning, to a conclusion that a new attitude is shaping up that still has room for "a tradition of goofiness," the article is an insult to our architectural heritage and those designers who are living 60 years after their most notable work was finished.
April 22, 2006 | Robin Abcarian, Times Staff Writer
Gracie wondered at the marriage she'd thought she had. She and Kenny were supposed to be the happily married couple, they were the ones other people talked about in their thrice-weekly therapy sessions, they were the ones who were called the Power Couple in L.A. Confidential. How could the Power Couple break up? The Power Couple cannot break up! From "The Starter Wife" by Gigi Levangie Grazer * WELL. The Power Couple would appear to be calling it quits. Or are they?
August 22, 2013 | By Christopher Hawthorne, Times Architecture Critic
Over the last couple of weeks, a tiny monochromatic skyline has been growing in my kitchen. Since opening Lego's new “ Architecture Studio ,” my two daughters (who are 9 and 4) and I have been putting together, dismantling and redesigning a group of about 10 buildings. We've kept the results on display on a shelf above the sink. Because the Architecture Studio includes bricks in just two shades - white and transparent - the buildings we've created all seem to be related, at least distantly, to modern architecture.
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